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Posted at 6/05/2011 03:44:00 PM

It's been a while since I last talk to myself, Like really talk to myself. And thanks to Colleen who made me read back my past, till I realize I haven't been talking to myself lately. :S I mean on blog. LOL. 

Hey dear, how have you been? 
I think the last we talk together is last year right? I just want to tell that, I'm proud you made it alive through 3 heartbreaks from 3 different guy since last year. Even though it took a while to made you realize that other people matters more, and that being upset about something isn't healthy, you finally made it to a stage where you think you have everything. 

And this year, you've made a lot of friends I see. 
I'm glad to see you're no longer lonely. And maybe you'll learn how to trust people now. And not doubt them and question them like you always do. 

I just want to see you happy, cause 1 pimple grow on you is equal to 1 pimple grow on me. EFF

Anyways, Have you been eating well? I heard that you kept yourself starving at night just because you lazy to go find food =.= WTH
You want dai ha?! You can get gastric ulser like that :O You better straightened your act up! SPM is around the corner, stop being so effing LAZY pitch =.=

K enough with all the advises. GEEZ how old are you , and you still need advises that are meant for 6 year old =.= You better start growing up , oh and the past are meant for the past, do not, i repeat DO NOT bring them back :]

Anyways, did I forget to ask you how have you been? *checks* oh yeaa, I did. Anyways, are you still the same all you? That cares what everybody feels, and just want everybody to be happy despite your sadness?
Are you still cheating yourself? telling yourself lies and convince yourself their real? cause if you still do, Imma smack you hard on the face. 
Just like Delson told you, if you're not sure, why go through it? in the end you're just going to hurt everybody around you. 

You know I love you and I don't want you to get hurt. Especially this year. SPM. it determines your life GIRRLLLL, remember that boy who risk his life, getting hurt over a girl during PMR? and he ended up loosing everything and regret in the end? Yeaaa, I'm sure you remember him :) Lucky for you, she wasn't you huh? You came in a little to late in the picture. But aren't you glad you did? HEEE

Now what did I tell you in this post? ,,, 
I told you, that I'm proud of your surviving life, don't get to stress, don't forget to focus on your SPM, don't be lazy, and don't lie to yourself. :]

I hope you remember and try to fulfill these advices because I know I will. 



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