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  Taking Advantages
Posted at 6/24/2011 10:12:00 PM

Line so fast now, must take opportunity to blog :D ahahaha 
I just finish training myself for dota, :') I #nolife ma. LOL

But then again, in life, God has already open so many paths, many opportunities for you, if not you, who else would grab them? After all, God open it for you, not others. So don't miss any chance, just because you feel that you can't do it because if God thinks you really can't, then He wouldn't open it in the first place, right? :)


So how's school? :O

I got hit my paper balls yesterday :') MEI GUAN XI Catherine, Syamsul, Li Fei, Kevin etc :')
And also....
My Moral teacher punish US ALL for not doing our homework, x) She asked us to stand at the corridor  xD and all of us did. YAY Beta record :D

Anyways, life has been great. Super great in fact. :) 
I no longer emo every time I wrong hear. YAY.
Oh yeaaa, this morning got Sports House meeting, and and I got elected as Captain x) HEEE
Teacher say, I had all the skills to become one. :O my talkativeness . #insulted xD
Yeaaa, but then, I think that's how I become a prefect too! I mean, I have no discipline at all, I tend to break the rules at times, and sometimes, I tend to talk back if I feel dissatisfy. LOL
My dad asked me, "Why do you always get to be the leader?" and I answered, "WHAT. Maybe I have leadership potential" xD

But then, we all know, I become a prefect, I partake in a competition, I become a leader of something, join something, it's all because of the KK points that our teacher tend to threaten us with it if we don't join any clubs. LOL. They'll say, "This is for your future. University might not be interested only on your studies but also on how active you were"

So here I am taking every chances I could get :D

I love you always Han Xiong and Cheng Siok Theng :)
and the rest of my backbones.

Moral-of-the-story; Take advantage of everything except the people around you :]

Bai. x)

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