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  Urine Experiment
Posted at 6/25/2011 10:17:00 PM
Last night, I slept late and this morning, I woke up super early. Barely opened my eye. But i have to, I have school today :') Need to go to school to do a Biology Experiment :D 
The one I have been anticipating on since last week but at last, I couldn't even join in :') Oh period, what did I do till you despise me so badly and ruin all the fun. LOL

So anyways, on my way to school, suddenly a friend of mine texted me, and he asked me, "Hey, when are you coming to get me?" I'm like.... OH SHIT :O I promised to pick him , but I forgot :') HAIZ
Anyways, I arrived late. He arrived later. xD

By the time I arrived, everybody was already busy drinking :O ! BTW, it's an urine experiment. I really wanted to contribute to the scores. xD ahahah, "The higher intake of water, the increase of urine produced" :3 Teacher say, every year sure got case where students puke or did something wrong. But I think, apart from being noisy, we're okay, I guess :) *bangga*
Anyways, after drinking 1500ml, 1000ml, 500ml and 0ml, the students need to wait for 30 minutes for the urine to be produced. xD 

Catherine and Eva! :D
AHAHHAHA i hope they won't kill me after this :S LOL. But it looks disgusting =.= Post it up anyway cause it looks nice at the same :D HEY KIDS, IT'S ORANGE JUICE!! :D
Btw, sorry if reading this makes your appetite flies :]

While waiting for the urine, we need to study Bio D: MEI GUAN XI :') I felt so sleepy, I couldn't concentrate. + Many people all sardine up inside the lab! Two classes combine wth :O
Lucky it wasn't that hot :')


After school, me, Cass, Janice, Olga, Choon Zon, Tommy, Syamsul, Keith, Jeremy went over to 101 for breakfast YAY FOOD 
Tommy and the boys minus Choon Zon drive their way there =.=
The girls plus Choon Zon walked. MEI GUAN XI :') 

I ate Beef Soup Noodle! :D The noodle so awesome \m/
FYI, the picture of noodles above isn't mine. I found it on Google. xD ahaha I too duh hungry+lazy this morning, so I didn't take photo :PP
After eating noodles, I asked Cass chia me eat kuih :D Then I got so happy and full :') 

Yeaaaaa. :')
I don't get why people judge other people for their standards. I mean like, you're not any better and just by judging them, makes you lower than what you said.
Sometimes, people think their too high of a standard that they tend to judge and make everyone they think that's below them, feel left out. Two words, EFF YOU :]

Moral-of-the-story; Making others feel ugly doesn't make you any beautiful . :]


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