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  Youth Camp 2011
Posted at 6/10/2011 01:39:00 AM

I just got back from a 4 days 3 nights (6.6.11-9.6.11) camp at Christian Worship Centre, Bau :) 
It was my first time attending a church camp, or any to that matter, and I really did have fun. And I learn a lot too! and gain more friendships. even though I gone back with a BIGG eyebag, I'm still happy I get to learn God's words this way ^^

Anyways, we were all each given a nametag and were divided into 4 different groups., Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine, Thymine. The groups were named according to the theme, DNA : CHRIST. and I was put into group Adenine :D

My group members :] 
Aaron the red shirt dude, Emmy the purple shirt girl, Ruth the blue shirt girl, Angeline the white shirt girl, Jonathan the purple shirt dude, and Timothy the white shirt dude :]


We played many types of games, go through many types of mind-killing puzzles(not literally) and get punish, get cut marks together. I'm so happy to have them, especially Angeline and Ruth ^^


Throughout the whole camp we were only given a few hours to rest and the rest of the time, it's either heart-to-heart session, or Bible study with Brian King the speaker, Praise & Worships, Games and EAT. and time was really strict. we must always be punctual or else our group marks get deducted D: 
And lights out was at 11pm and we had to wake as early as 5.30am to get ready for morning exercise. 
1st morning we had to jump here and there and run and stuff, and I was really tired :( and one of the mornings, we went hiking under the rain :D AWESHUM


The funny thing about the rooms are, some rooms don't even have toilets, you have to go the public toilet along the floors, and in the girls room, the shower was inside while the toilets is outside the balcony. And every morning we suffered from insects. One of the reason why I dislike going to pee :P
My room had 2 double decker bed, :]

The area is quite big, it has a mountain, a field for plants(don't know how to say), ponds, etc etc. and I love it! :D the area is surrounded by jungle, and I kinda like the cricket singings :)


Melvin the boy behind is my angel, and Phoebe the girl beside me is my mortal :)
Angel & Mortal is a game where you randomly pick a name and that person is your mortal while you acted as an Angel. You have to give letters of encouragements or verses, gifts like sweets to make your mortal happy. 
To bad for me, Melvin only came on Wednesday, so I was Angel-less for two days. T.T and plus! I've been spamming Phoebe with letters :D and I keep on spelling her name wrong till she guess it was me before she was suppose to know. GRRR. seems like no fun :P
But then, I guess my Angel a little to early too! Melvin say I no fun back :P who ask him write letter when I come in, xD

The orange letter is his first letter to me. He say he will chia me something, but in the end he only chia me free Cloud 9 and.....  I appreciate~ :D and he always sign his letter with, "Your handsome angel" ahahahah so on the last day, I send him a letter saying he's not handsome and he replied back asking me to not be jealous. Blekk :P


Anyways, on Wednesday, we only ate breakfast as we had to fast for the whole day because it was our last day before we had to go back. And we BBQ. well not me, but the church members, we only eat :D oh NOM NOMs LOVE. especially Ruth expression when she eat the lamb :P

Before BBQ, we played a game called WAR PAINT where we had TAGGED somebody with paint so they become our prisoner. and the thing is we have to switch leaders. Adenine leaders went over to Thymine. ='X and the ironic thing is, all Adenine's member were caught by Thymine's. and we were all taken care by our own leader. How ironic :P
After negotiating, Adenine's flag got taken away by Thymine, and the awesome thing thanks to Guanine's leader who stay faithful to us, is, Adenine got 150 points. The highest :D but we still lose and we got kick off the game. LOL AND MY FAVOURITE TEE GOT PAINT ='X

Oh and we had to our sketch, and guess what! we won first for the first time during the whole camp :D #fail

The video was only half cause my videoGrapher wrong press button D: AWWWWWWWW but itsokey :( the theme was DNA : CHRIST but we went out of theme and did something like the prosecution Christians had to take for the faith :O this is sad :(

And on the last day too, we were allowed to lights off at 1am , so we partied among the teams. Aaron had to scare me off with the ghost stories D: and I got really scare by his numerous stories that I got so shaky and that I even asked him to pray for him. I nearly fainted. LOL :P I so very the weak. XP
I felt a bit better after praying, but I'm still afraid to look out through the windows at night. T.T

I got so scare till I asked to sleep with Melissa, but in the end, the 4 of us sleep together. and it was awesome :D and cozy and not so that cold. we even cam-whored in the dark! despite our eyes were burning from the flash, we still want to cam-whore cause we're awesome :D
After cam-whoring, we heard the Captain Commandants and Youth deacon laughing in their rooms beside us, so me, Rene, and Melissa eavesdrop them talking by putting our ears towards the wall. :P then we even text all 3 of them together. :D

And the next morning, for the first time no exercising. and we can sleep in until 6.30am, makes no difference actually . LOL my roomies and I all overslept a little. HAHA. but we weren't the only ones :P
And we all ended up not bathing the whole day until we got back home 


In the beginning God created the earth. He also created Adam and Eve, but they sin and go against God. So God puts them in eternal death as punishment. But our merciful God send his one and only son to die for us on the cross, that whoever believes in him shall live for eternity. 

Brian the speaker asked us to draw this as reference on how to share the good news with everybody :)
He even asked us to practice it on someone. I practically scare Angeline from going to church. LOL XD i'm a bad sharer :3

So it doesn't matter who you are, or how old you are, as long as you have the love for God, and is always hungry for his gospel. You are save :]


Anyone miss me? :3

Moral-of-the-story; Don't eat too much! Just eat a perfect portion of food and not over it :O


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