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  Family Day
Posted at 7/24/2011 01:11:00 PM

Yesterday, my dad brought us to Sinar Serapi, Matang for this Reporter's Day thing. And we were there until 10pm+ at night. because night is the installation dinner for the in-going committee :)

 It's the first time I've heard and been there. I heard the owner uses around 6million to build the whole thing. I mean, it has like bungalows, houses on water, big water space, swimming pool, kayaking etc etc. :O and the main building is build out of woods :O :O 


We had to wear cute little ribbons to show that we're part of the event. And it's like that ribbon is an access to every activities there. :D

Bihun and sandwich for breakfast and awesome yummy food for lunch :D ♥ 
I'm getting fat T.T

Our first event was the morning exercises and dances. :D the staff there are really friendly and funny and creative :) 

Then next are the games. YAY GAMES YAY PRIZES 
We had musical chairs, futsal, limbo, picking-up-a-ping pong-with-a-chopstick and statue :D 
And guess what,, I won nothing. My mum did, she won in statue :P she can stand not moving and laughing despite being disturb the longest. hahaha 

After that, is the kayak competition. Singles long distance for female category and male category. I JOIN. and also the parents and children category. I JOIN TOO.. with my sister :D cause my dad already went with my little brother. LOL. so I am mum of the minute ;) my mum didn't want to kayak cause she didn't want to get wet =.= k... nevermind. her lost. when me and my sister kayak, we were actually first. -.- but upon reaching the finish point, we hit a big boat and got stuck and ended up as the last. YOU DON'T KNOW HOW ANGRY I AM D; i mean like, WHO THE HELL PUT BOAT THERE D; -tak puas-
But at least, I won 3rd for long distance and my dad won 2nd. :P

The biggest one is my mum's :P and the smallest one is mine. the medium size is my dad's and the milky bar pack is my siblings for joining in the musical chair. :D
After the afternoon session was over, other people had tea breaks, me and my siblings went kayak-ing for 1  hours plus. 

then we went swimming :D


Random Camwhore Pictures

Looking at this picture thinking how I should go on diet D:

Sun + camwhore = Awesome picture :D

After bathing at one of the bungalows. :)

Fifi :D


This is some of the interiors in the bungalow. :) the lower part of the house of course. couldn't go up cause there were other people. LOL

Anyways, after bathing and waiting for the time to come, we went over and had steamboat while waiting for YB Dato Yong Khoon Seng :)

Steamboat ♥  I love the soup the most :D it's chicken stock soup!

This is entertainment. LOL. but before he came, I was sleeping on the table. Too tired =.= after he come and make loud music with his saxophone(sexyphone) I woke up. D; it was okay though. BTW, I heard he's the owner of the building :)

After everyone got back, especially the YB, me and my sister went karaoke-ing while waiting for my dad to finish :'P

:D we sucks :))

The staffs/DJ were better than us :P BTW, the lady name is Priscilla too :DD

Botanical soaps made from real botanical plants and vegies. :O and this morning, I bath using the ginger flavoured soap :D btw, my dad got this as a complimentary gift for being elected as the vice-president of the Journalism Association in Kuching. :) YAY HIM 
My dad ever brought home a few of this soap and we didn't use it cause we don't wanna use cause sayaanggg maa. xD and few months later, ants decided to eat it -.-

#Updated ~

Spot my photo in Borneo Post, page 9 today :D :D :D

Do come and visit or bring along your family to Sinar Serapi if you're free. :D

Moral-of-the-story; Never kayak for too long otherwise you'll have muscle cramp. 

Bai =]

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