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Posted at 7/25/2011 05:21:00 PM
Yesterday as I was doing my daily blog reading, I come across a very delicious post from and I just had to try since I passby the shop like every week to go to Tabuan Jaya. Oh yeaa, did I mention it's below my tuition. It's like people are eating so nicely, and I'm studying upstairs. D: 

-sorry steal people photo- XD

But really la, it's damn full all the time. :O I got so curious, I forced my dad to go there for dinner. and we waited for half hour D: and when I look around, there were people lining up to tapao. I see one time can tapao till 5 - 6 packet. O.O some more I see some people don't mind waiting. :O 

I chilled myself with barley fungus. LOL. They only sell herbal drinks and can drinks. Maybe because they have no time to prepare Teh C D: 

So my order arrived....

It looks normal :O except that there is more meat compare to other shops... (oh great, just looking at this picture makes me hungry and wanting more of this ==)

It doesn't taste smelly like I usually tasted it. And the meat is super soft I can faint eat. x.x 

I check the side of the bowl to see if there were anything that makes this kueh chap taste nice. :O!

I ate it finished and check the bottom :O still nothing...

I mean like, what does this Kueh Chap has that makes people wanna come back? :O You can like go some where else rightt? it doesn't have to be squeezing between each other for this. :O 
Maybe it's the love that makes this kueh chap nice :') Maybe just maybe. Mum said maybe cause it has more meat compare to the other shop. :')

ahhhhh . Cheng say this few days I eat a lot :/ whaaaaat every week got event baa. Where eating is require. what to do... :'P cass say I need to lay off the food or I'll grow fat. :') but .... HOW CAN I LAY OFF EATING D; it feels like heaven to me 

Okeeeeeeey, I'm talking crapp here =.= andd I feel like eating Kueh Chap :( 

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