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  Michelle Lazar - Facial
Posted at 7/02/2011 02:54:00 PM

My first time going for a facial at Michelle Lazar.
LOL. Last Sunday the lady there recommended me to try, I thought she cared, but my mum told me she just wants money D: But I still think she cares. XD
First time is RM48. For student price is RM60. Non-student is RM80-RM100. LOL.

They did a face screening and found out I got a lot of dead skin that blocks the oil in my face to come out .. LOL. 
Then they brought me to the room above and started doing my face a job :O 
Kinda painful when they squeeze the impurity out. I like the mask job the most *sakai* :3
Even got massage ehh! :D

Michelle Lazar - Tabuan Plaza Mall, Tabuan Jaya, Kuching, Sarawak :]

This took 2 hours to be done. :)

Got different ma? :D ahahha The picture I took this morning. :)
BTW, my shirt nice ma? :D
Anyways, I'm not sure why or whether BERSIH is good or not, but banning yellow in the country is definitely absurd =.= i mean like, diGi = yellow. Are they going to banned diGi after this?! D:
Cause if they do, I'm so going to >:( LOL

Moral-of-the-story; Never take anything for granted. 

Bai :]

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