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  Not So Rebecca Friday
Posted at 7/30/2011 09:45:00 AM
29 July 2011

Friday, Friday, Friday Gotta Get down on Friday :D
Unfortunately I didn't go partying last night. And I didn't have a great ball. D: All I did was sleep :S


Yesterday my class whole day in the hall because we had to attend some talks. I still don't get how are we suppose to pass Add Maths next week if my teacher haven't even teach us Straight line motion something. :O Nevermind. I won't pass Add Maths even after she teach us that too. so what's the point D:

Oh yeaaa, -out of topic edy- The talks was fun . and lucky me brought my camera along. :D and it was the most fun fun fun talks I've ever attended :D
We get to make houses using Popsicles sticks BD YAY they say it's to inspire us to become an architect. :O


Anyways, we were only given 30+10 mimutes to do D: WHERE GOT ENOUGH. K nevermind . :O

Initially the door was suppose to be a bed, but yours truly came out with the door idea because apparently the bed couldn't fit in the house :') And also, at first we wanted to make triple story, but D: not enough time. HAIZ

The photo frame hidden inside the house  Guess who's idea was that ;) *wink* But but nobody can see the picture because we made the roof stick to the house. D: HAIZ. who ask them give us less time till no time make roof. LOL


Other People's ArtWork

EEE when my friend asked me to open door and look inside, I laughed my ass off. xD HAHA Inside got laptop and toilet bowl LOL

Nice church :D

I think it's one of the city buildings :O

LOL. Open Cottage :P


When we made ours, Husna was looking around and she said, "UH everyone looks better than ours" then I told her, "naw. what if, everyone looks at everyones and said that" LOL

We made it into a toilet LOL. Teachers were wondering what is the ladder doing there. I told them, it's for the people to climb up and wait for their turn to use the toilet XD -pointless-

Random photos :D

Find mine ;)

-Photos below are from the next talk-

Taking photo with the dude with awesome beard and accent :D
From left; me, Phyllis, Catherine, Dude name Obai Younis, Hui Sze(apek), Li Fei, Eva, Husna. :D

Husna being lame D:

Husna trying to become wolverine. LOL

YAY  camwhore picture with Cheng. :D *points at girl looking at the other side* LOL #failalwaysfail
CHENG,, Y U NEVER WANT TAKE PHOTO WITH ME D; *cries* what happen to love? ;"(


K after that, I have ISCF light refreshments to celebrate our not-last meeting :D
Tommy was like praying that we didn't come just for the food but also to Praise God. LOL. Say me la. D:
HAHA. Nola. Actually , if I didn't go for ISCF, I'll be at Leo's Club. Who ask same time. XD hahaa

YAY Braid in a ball :D 

Me and Catherine. We look like @!%$^#$#%after a long day of school D: I never like to take photo after school. LOL

Melvina and me :D

FOOD ♥ Tam Tam keropok is the only thing I brought. And best English Teacher bought that big cake for us. :D Well, her daughter and sons attended ISCF. LOL

See Datin potong cake ;)



YEAAA. This picture was taken by Keith . He say me fat. The way I eat also fat . The whole time I went seeking for food, he was always there to control me from eating D: WHY PEOPLE KEEP SAYING ME FAT . LOL. I don't mind actually, but if overdose of saying me fat, I can really get annoyed. I mean like, AM I REALLY FAT D; Catherine cheered me up and say I only look fat in pictures. LOL. HAHA. :)
I admit I am a little fat, but I think it's called chubby? ehh, how do you say berisi in english? oh yeaa, Got meat. XD ahahahhaa LOL

Moral-of-the-story; Control your eating before it's too late. D:


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