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Posted at 7/12/2011 05:57:00 PM

I am so going to kill myself once I've awaken up from this depression of not getting chosen when that's what I wanted all along -.- 
Anyways, yesterday the whole 1994 Malaysian, I bet, tried to check their PLKN results. some manage through the site, and some just being an ass and refresh the site for 2 hours straight. Like wth. 

I tried texting them TWICE. but they didn't reply. I'm like,PLKN SERVICE, Y U NO REPLY MY TEXT?!

Then, Xiong asked for my IC number, I was pretty sure that he's going to end up like me, so I didn't give him anyway. But he got it somehow. LOL


Then he was like, not sure not sure about this. So he texted them. and it says, 

"RM0.20: PLKN: Maaf! -insert IC number here- anda tidak terpilih untuk menyertai PLKN Siri 9/2012. Terima Kasih"

At first, I was like, "EHHH PLKN Y U NO LOVE ME BUT LOVE XIONG?"
Then my mood change. I was so sure, that I'll burn someone's hair if I got in, but after I knew I didn't get it. I feel so unsatisfied. Like... erh....

Itsokey. Whatever happens, happens. HEY, I always babbled that I wanted to achieve something during the holidays after SPM while waiting for my results. well, here's the chance :)
-self cheering up-

BAI =]

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