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  Prelude of sports day
Posted at 7/21/2011 10:56:00 PM

Today is the 1st day of Sports Day, and it was fun :D it would be funner if it wasn't for those meddling kids == OMGGG. anyways, marching was fun :D I didn't get to tired myself walking cause people had to carry me around because I'm the Princess of Paus B) HAHAHA. LOL. those 4 boys were like, "OUU MY SHOULDERS DAMN YOU'RE HEAVY. YOU SHOULD LOSE SOME WEIGHT" while I was laughing so hard. XD and I ALMOST FELL :'((( 

K... more in tomorrow(if got time) blog post :D


I really should stop eating. LOL. I'm like getting fatter by the week ==" People keep on saying my cheeks are getting chubbier D; chubby means FAT :( what if... when we have all around Sarawak family reunion, and I meet my long lost relatives and they couldn't recognize me cause I was a lot thinner before?! D;

DAMMMMMNN. I got stabbed ==" and how ironic that I was laughing about it :P

I just couldn't resist editing her photos. Mariah :) This photo damnn nice whaaat :P


My very own family photo. :D Me, Gibby the son and Xiong 

We use the same wallpaper :D 
"You are God's greatest gifts"  ♥ 


An artsy photo of a leaf that's actually green in colour I took cause I was bored :D

I thought being in the same sport house means team work and patience and understanding, friendship towards each other.. but no.. today I had learn a new lesson that, when you're in the same sport house, you're suppose to attempt a stabbing with a real damn knife towards your captains for scolding you :O

Moral-of-the-story; Never walk in front of a teacher before sports day with your sports house uniform. :D


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