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Priscilla Tawie
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  Reaching for the sky
Posted at 7/04/2011 06:10:00 PM

Have you ever feel so down and feel as if nobody appreciate you for what you have been doing?
Feel as if, you were given a task but was taken away because they felt as if you're nothing but shit?
Feel like crying, and everything they do is unsatisfying because you thought you would have done a better job?

I have . Just an hour plus ago. Trying my best, I thought. But best was never enough.
I would always be push down. It's okey. It doesn't matter.
I accept my defeat. Knowing that everything happens for a reason. Or so I thought? 
Maybe I was just being selfish. Not wanting to accept defeat but in the end I had too. 

Okey fine. I know I can't do anything right. I am useless. And every effort I tried... just wasn't enough I guess? Maybe I really don't know anything. Really don't know how to do or what. Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention. So I tend to disappoint everyone. 

Okey fine. I accept my defeat. 
I realize that with that, I really have no talents in doing anything. I'm just a piece of crap waiting to die. 
And all I do is disappoint people. Nothing I do can be right. I'm not good at teaching, SORRY, I'm not good a sports, SORRY, I'm not good at learning, SORRY.. sometimes, I questioned myself, why was I born on earth when I bring no use to anybody?

Maybe... I should just keep quiet. It's better like that I guess? I should just follow what others are doing. For all my life, I tried to be something, but it just never works. Nothing works well when I touch it. I'll always be below of everyone else. It's okey. I'M FINE. :]

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