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  RIMUP 2011
Posted at 7/27/2011 06:24:00 PM
See Rimup 2009 and Rimup 2010 and this is the last year I'm going to attend RIMUP. :|
RIMUP in long form is Rancangan Integrasi Murid Untuk Perpaduan and guess what I actually remembers it. :') #progressinlife


26th July 2011

This year, I was accidentally made "The Royal Pen Holder" :D and all I did was kepo kepo go and want to take photo of the big book of signatures. LOL
This year wasn't much though. As usual, all I did was go around cam-whoring. and HEY look this year I manage to get a photo with the YB. ; YB Len Talip Salleh :D *points picture above*

Random camwhore pictures

Me and the Head Prefect Girl, Michelle Ting :D

Sexy Eva ;)

Me and the Pengetua :D

From left ; Xiong, Me, Clubbing Teacher B), Husna, Jody, Olga, Eva, Cheng, Cassandra, Phyllis :D
YAY finally a cam-whore picture with Cheng :D #fail

From left; Cass, Xiong, Olga, Madam Flowrese, me, Husna :D

Dibby and Susilawati :D the lighting so urgh D:

YAY finally a picture of this two couple. Juliana and her boyfriend :3 ehh, why Ju got two camera? :O #greedy LOL joking. :)

From left;  Charlston and his sneaky look, Jeremy and his evil laugh, the innocent me, and Syamsul the weirdo :DD


Commercial Breaks brought to you by Madam Lee 

This morning ate the KFC that I got for participating in the Pembarisan for Paus. And I also got another KFC for being an athlete x) HAHA. #fat


Photo with Bestie. :D Finally .... :)

Photo without spec :D His eye more big D:

Photo with anak YB. B) ahahahhaa LOL

Me and Mellisa :D

Me and Colleen the gay baby :D

I look so gay next to her D:

Kimmy, Cikgu Jessing and me :D


K... After that we(me, Xiong, Cheng, Cassandra, Phyllis) went to 101 looking for Kueh Chap but in the end we found aircon :D and it's refreshing after a long day of cam-whoring. PHEW 

-insert meme face here-

Tagged : CHENG !! Y U NO cam-whore with me? D:

Moral-of-the-story; Accept their flaws as you accept them in your life. :]


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