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  RJ Ayam Bakar Cafeteria
Posted at 7/17/2011 04:37:00 PM

I am getting fat :| I need a jog. 
Today I ate a lot and I feel.. HAPPY :) I always feel happy after a nice satisfying meal. Before going to church this morning, I ate 3 boiled eggs. I know it's unhealthy to eat a lot. The yolk the cholesterol afterall. But I was craving. :/ How could you stop me from eating? 

Anyways, after church, my dad brought me and my mum to early lunch at RJ Ayam Bakar because he had a meeting. LOL. He told his reporters friends I'm the only child that is growing politically ;D

Blur :/ was taken with my phone. RAWR. 
When I bring my camera around no use, when I no bring, I always need it. -____- 



My mum's teh tarik. :D
I love how the bubbles always appear on your lips every time you take a sip . HAHA but I never once ordered this because I never once thought of it until someone ordered it. LOL

My nescafe + Milo = neslo :D
The taste doesn't really appeal to mine so I regretted ordering. But still, it's nice. LOL

My mum's Udang Penyek. 
When it arrived, my mum was like why the udang not penyek? LOL. But seriously la, why you people call it penyek if it's not penyek? :O BTW, the prawn head, shells so nice. B) 

My ayam bakar Raja. LOL
Nice name :D the chicken burn the king. hahaha. The chicken was okay. The thing I dislike is the tempe cause no taste >:( ERRR but then, tempe memang no taste. LOL. It's soybean. Once, my friend brought tempe to school, and I nearly puke because of it. -_____-

I like this the most :D
Banana fritters + milk + cheese. YUMMMMM. it's fattening :S but it's too nice to resist ;'( I'm sorry .. T.T
Wait wait,, and... it melts in your mouth... :DD Like seriously. Maybe because of the cheese and milk. LOL

Pictures of old famous singers/actors on the wall. MICHEAL JACKSON, ELVIS PRESLEY 
This wall is just to hard to resist to cam-whore with. :P

The view from the place I sit. :D

RJ Ayam Bakar Cafeteria, Just beside Tun Jugah Mall. :]
You have to go, cause it has the most hard-to-resist banana fritters EVERR.. and and also the wall of fame B)


Moral-of-the-story; Instead of starving yourself on a diet, try to appreciate your tummy by eating. :D I'm sure your tummy will be happier. Like seriously, I had a friend who went on diet the wrong way, and she died :') LOL. JK :D


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