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  Sports Day 2011
Posted at 7/23/2011 07:21:00 AM
I feel so happy today :D


This year Sports day should be the best of all. Because I was made Girls Captain, although it was quite challenging, and I had to face lots of complications from the afternoon session, I still manage through. I gave them stickers, :P I care for them, ahahaha! :D Anyways, this would be my last sports day before I finish my high school years and live to never know the word sports again :|

*spots Colleen face, the red shirt Marlin girl on the left top* :D -I'm so dead after this- XD

This year sports day felt short compared to the others. I mean, all I did was walk walk walk around with Xiong =.= Get into a  few fights, eventually made it alive, talk cheer talk, laugh laugh laugh and camwhore :)

Oh yeaa, on the second day of Sports day , Cikgu Rohaya brought me and Xiong along to collect the ice-cream for Paus :DD !! Got 3 flavours, Magic Berry, Chocolate and Vanilla Mixberries. DAMMNNN ~ Oh Yeaa, I asked a lot of questions and talk a lot with Cikgu Rohaya. She's a very nice teacher. Even the paikia in school ask for lollipop and they respect her, like not make a lot of noises. 

Cikgu Rohaya: Priscilla and Jee so close ho? How you guys know each other? I mean like, one is form 3 and one is form 5.
Priscilla: ERRRR. I don't know? I know everybody in school. Yesterday whole day with him only.
Cikgu Rohaya: EHh, Priscilla, you got boyfriend or not? Jee, how about you?
Priscilla&Jee: ERRRRRRRRRRRR *smile smile* :3
*direct translate from BM*

Random Photos

Me and Colleen together. :D Marlin and Paus unite B)

The sword is taller than him :D


Our eyes were squinting because we faced the sun which is kinda stupid if you tell me :P but at least sun make the picture look nicer :D

Mother, Son, Father. :D

This is during the ending ceremony. :D where all of us lined up on the field. LOL. people lined up, we cam-whore. :D #nolife


You know how it looks like, when I'm in form 1, Paus got number 5, when I'm in form 2, Paus got number 4, when I'm in form 3, Paus got number 3, when I'm in form 4, Paus got number 2 and I was hoping we would get number 1 this year to complete the sequence properly :|

And guess what.... :D

We did won first this year. :D You don't know how freakingg happy I am, that I scream my lungs out ;D Our pembarisan also got first. I was mostly proud of that because I was the one who set the theme and arrange the whole crew together. :DD 

Well honestly, couldn't have done this without him. The Boy captain, Jed Ling. and wouldn't forget his mother who's also a teacher. LOL. and he taught me to never underestimate the power of a junior. :)

One last go on the bamboo chair, (also one last chance to hear people call me Princess of Paus) :D Both captains. and as usual, the boys who were carrying us were complaining. :D 


After the sports day was over, me, Xiong and Gibby the son went to 101 for lunch. Then we decided to go to cyber cause we have so much money and time. XD -as if- and poor Gibb cannot enter in with his St John t-shirt otherwise ST John commander will BAMBOOED him. so I gave him my t-shirt to use ;D omgg so cute  Then I went into the cyber toilet, got so curious at the shower thingy cause Xiong was like, "ee really got water ah" at the other side. so I turn my side on and got splash by cold water -____-


Moral-of-the-story; Never play with showers -.- and always take them seriously. LOL 

BAI :]

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