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  This dayss
Posted at 7/11/2011 07:03:00 PM
I'm so freaking tired, have less than 12 hours to finish my add maths project. URGH. Damn you procrastination YOU >:(


Yesterday, me, my little siblings and dad went jogging. It was fun. Especially when awesome me went into the boys toilet with my little brother and dad, and when I went out, this clever lady went in the boys toilet cause she thought it was the girls toilet. EPIC. 

This is what me and Xiong had for lunch just now. Oreos and Dutch Lady Chocolate flavour milk. :D we couldn't crash at a coffee shop so we simply sit down at the haven't-open-yet-coffee shop cause we so clever :D 


We are civilized ancient cave people with awesome taste of clothes and stick :D YAY PAUS YAY 


Anyways, we had our sports practice today and I just found out how awesome we are B) 
Oh btw, I got double injured :') My left foot got knock against the stupid stairs. WHO PUT STAIRS THERE ANYWAY >:( and I found out it was bleeding after 5 minutes of walking around. :DD My right foot, got hit by a disc, A VERY DAMN HEAVY DISC, Xiong thought it was meant to be a bowling ball >:| So now my right foot blue black liao :( 

Nevermind, Nevermind. Today is my day, tomorrow is his >:(

Cheng carve a pencil for me :') and she even bought me a giraffe sticker :D I LOVE HER  


Xiong's Iphone wallpaper. and and my curent wallpaper too! ♥ ♥ 
The greatest gift by God is you ♥ 


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