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Priscilla Tawie
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  Tis a day
Posted at 7/20/2011 11:03:00 PM

I am so freaking tired like wth. I think got enough sleep but most of my homework haven't done yet. Haiz. What have I been doing despite an attempt to suicide by cutting my front hair cacat-ly D: don't ask please. anyways, This days, especially this week, I have been staying in school for the whole day for the Paus practice. YAY tomorrow Sports Day liao. Hope Paus gets 1st this year cause it'll be my last year :O 
Pretty please with cherries on top 

The Paus people and the spirit of winning... and... their so-the-lot flags. :O  DAMMMMNN~

Oh really bersemangat la this Paus people... :P see even stand on the mud B) 
Just now, we were having our raptai, then rain came down. HEAVY DAMN RAIN. But it's okay. No Paus got hurt in the setting :)

*zoom* ohhhh.. so this is what the Paus people is really up too :O TSK2.. 

He so cutee :D One day, can I have a son like him? :') 

This photo, compare to the others that was taken using my phone, this was taken by Eva using her DSLR. Awesome right? :D it's me doing my Lompat Jauh event which I got 3rd for :)
YAY first time get medal in secondary school sports. :D I remember the last time I got a medal for sports. and that was way back in primary 5. WTH 


You know, life is full of ups and down. Shit happens, and words are taken for granted. 
Live life to the fullest with no regrets of living at all.

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