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  Today in last year
Posted at 7/02/2011 03:15:00 PM
This is not an emo post.

2 July 2010.

"Hey casss, What if.. what iff. I break up? He seems like he doesn't care and I don't wanna be the one who gets dump.. Hey casss, it's been 2 days since his last text, do you think I should break up?"

That very same night.

She called him thrice, but he never answered. She send him a long text saying that she wants to break up. He didn't reply.... at all. She cried for 2 hours that night. She cried to sleep. It hurts. But some things in life, we MUST go through. 

3 days later.

He texted her. He didn't want to let go, at the same time, he wanted. So they officially broke up. And it hurts her. No matter what. She even begged him to meet her and asked what happen. But it never happened.

He texted her, he told he got a new girlfriend already. She congrats him. She acted as if she's so happy. But all she wants to do is cry. And so she did. 

Months went on. She never felt happy. She found somebody new. But it was never pure happiness. For her, nobody but him can make her feel the happiness when she was with him. She even planned on hurting a poor guy heart just so she could finish what she had with him. But it never happened. She has no guts.

Christmas came. Then New Year came

2011. New year, New life, she thought.

A year later, 2 July 2011. 
She found somebody new already. Someone she can laugh together with, talk for hours with. and someone she can love :) 
He even changed her for the better good.

Pris: Hey casss. I love him.
Cass: who him? Jason?
Pris: WHAT. no... JHH :)
Cass: *sobs*
Pris: what happen to you?
Cass: You changed :')


The whole point of me blogging about this is cause I've been dreading to see this date last year. And I've saw it. It felt good. 

You may be sad now, but not forever. There's always a rainbow after a storm. 

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