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  Don't give up
Posted at 8/22/2011 05:46:00 PM

Never give up. These three words I constantly tell boyfie to remember. :)

Today was a blast. Although we did get into a little sappyness, but it's still great. My days are always great. HEHE :)

Me during Public Speaking :3

Dude name Aaron Zechariah who I thinks looks more like a guy name Mark to me :3



Today is the Public Speaking competition which I so dai wanna join since form 1 but never got chance. Thank God on my last year of school, teachers decided to have it :D YAY

Anyways I won first, ;3 and boyfie won third. why we so pro? HAHAHAHAHAHA yeaa rightt :3
Naww actually many participant chicken out because I think mainly cause their English Teacher forced them and they think that they are not good enough to be in. So just now, only 3 people came. Automatically 3 people confirm get the prizes. Which is a storybook. LOL. 

I feel unsatisfied though, although I won first and all, beating the boys YAY GIRL POWER  because it feels wrongg, and kinda lame? cause everybody chicken out making the possibility of winning higher. I like challenge, but I guess, I'm too old for it. HEHE :3 At first, I thought for sure I won't get first, because Juliana sure get it BUT SHE DIDN'T TURN UP D; k nevermind. EHEHE. 

whatever la. At least I get a certificate to show off. Nobody would even know the history. HEE unless they happen to read this. :P 

"When life's gives you lemon, take it and improvise to make something bigger and less sour out of it"

Moral-of-the-story; Never Ever Give up even when You think you can't  :P


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