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Priscilla Tawie
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Posted at 8/02/2011 06:59:00 PM
1st August 2011

Yesterday I woke up 15 minutes early to prepare Xiong and Cheng's breakfast :D 5 Nuggets and an egg. Now I'm waiting for their turn to make me something. HAHA ♥ ehembirthday14octoberehem :D
And it's also for the first time I cook nuggets without burning them :)) YAY



Ahhhh this week is exam week. then we have 3 more weeks to study and do more revision. Then it's the Raya holiday. Even though it is a school holiday but I still need to do revision. Then after that it's mock exam. I really got to study hard this time. Mock is as equal as SPM. Maybe if I get a good result in mock, I'm thinking of applying for college early next year. I don't wanna waste time. :') then,, 1 month plus after that is SPM. 14th November. Wow. isn't time running fast. it feels as though just yesterday I go to school to pick up my PMR result. :') and now I'm sitting for the last government test of my life. Haiz. and soon, I'll be picking and sending my kids to school, cooking my life away while busy-ing away running my career, taking care of my families and even paying the bills. Ahh life. I wish it could stop awhile , because I feel like it's so fast I couldn't catch up.

Time is so little but there's so much I wish to do. 


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