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  Kids Club 2011
Posted at 8/27/2011 10:35:00 PM

Finally, the event I had been anticipating since Thursday night :P HEHE. Kids Club :)
It's an event organise by SIB KEC, Kuching. KIDS 

Camera being gay D:
Anyways, I was put in green team for the day, and had to do registration :)
Then it was games and story telling. :D YAY , but I didn't get to play the games, at least I was there to listen to the story :P I even made new little friends. :))


Arts and crafts :D
I did one on Thursday Night briefing, but I left mine in one of those classes. Awwww. itsokey. :')
At least I have a picture ,, HEEE

At first, it was meant to be a coaster, but then, there's this korean kid that has an extra ribbon, so I told him that if he wants, he could made that extra ribbon into a holder for the thing :P and yeaa, then other kids started following too :P I was like, Yee. You can hang this some where. HAHA oh, looking at Koreans talking make me feel as if I'm watching a drama :P #koreanaddict

I taught them to become gays :') Congratulations.


So this is my little friend :D Michelle. She's only 6 and so duh very cute  She's clever, and she knows how to read. Double Awwww.  The most cutest thing is when she scolded me for running away from her :P + she even hold my hand so I don't runaway. How cute :')
I hope she grows up to be a good kid. Just as I told her to do so. Hmmmmm :) 

Moral-of-the-story; Volunteering is a good thing, especially when it's for God's Kingdom.

Bai ;DD

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