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  Kuching Festival 2011
Posted at 8/06/2011 09:45:00 AM

Kuching Festival Fair 2011. *staring*
Ahhh. Funny cause it's my first time here. My parents isn't the type that likes crowds and jams. And yesterday, was full of crowds and jams. We had to turn around and around just to find a parking area. LOL. 

BTW, I went with Grace and her Boyfriend, Jason . :)) YAY finally can see my daddy BD 
when I first saw him, I was like, "DADDDDDDDDDDY" hahaha . cause before this only talk through Facebook. 

K... it was pouring rain when we arrived. Some more Gibby the son ask me fast fast come. D: I was like, HOW TO WALK UNDER HEAVY RAIN WANT ME SICK DON'T CARE ME HA. D; then when it was finally drizzling, I went out with Delson, Oh yea Delson was with us too BD he wanna stalk cute girls at Kuching Fest :PP

When I finally arrived, I met Gibby. and he brought me to a place full of his friends. and of course mine too, but that doesn't matter. When I was talking to one of them, Xiong come from behind and surprise me :'D I thought he didn't go.. ;'( I even emo with him. HOW DARE HE LIE ME HE WANT CHOP TREES HA?!! :(( but then, I was really happy when he surprise me from behind. It's true when they say, after a hurricane there's a rainbow ;)

Oh Guess what, I forced Gibb the son and Xiong to go on the pirate ship with me. but in the end only me and Xiong . :P i was like so eager to get on. and when I sat on it , and when it moves at first . it felt lame. but when it goes fast, I don't ever wanna go on it again. I cried :') DAMNNNN.


Random Photos in my camera :D

Dels took this picture when I dip my leg into one of the pond to wash my leg cause it was dirty D:

Grace and Boyfie. :D

I look like him(-___-) and he look like me(:DD) when we cam-whore :O dammmnn.

Grace and boyfie again BD

The angry bird(that I name sexy) and the turtle(that I name Jee Hon Hiung the girl after her father) LOL. The turtle, me, Xiong and Gibb play to get. The angry bird abit hard to get, it takes luck and money. D: 

Xiong and me. He looks like -____- and I look like :3

He looks like -____- and I look like :DD

Happy Family.
Grandma Grace, Grandpa Json, Mummy Pris, Gibb the son and Daddy Xiong. :'))
Why no my 2nd wife, Cheng? D:

Awwwwww. They look cute together here :D

Unfortunately the only thing I ate last night. But at least it was tasty :D 
My tummy felt weird last night. Must be too much kueh chap D: GRRRRRRRRRRRR. but itsokey. At least I get to catch up with Grace's life. And thank God she's fine. :))

Didn't take much photos yesterday :| cause was to busy LOL. + lazy :(( but just to add on, on Kuching Fest for some of my semenanjung readers *winkifIhaveanywink* It's just a place where food stalls open and sell there food. :D

- Random picture of me and Dels taken in January at St Joseph - LOL. we didn't cam-whore together last night, and he look so hot+sexy :( haiz. *hit self*

After being at Kuching Fest for hours, we went to Starbucks to find my sister, end up dumping delson with her cause he planned it all along. D: *Grrrr* but itsokey. I'm sure he felt left out with us. Grace+Json, me+Xiong.  he was the only one single there :(( after that, we went behind Starbucks at Jalan Song there to find food. 

We ate chicken while waiting for midnight *smile wide* :))

Crazy but awesome people. :DD 
Grace face is like :* and Json face is like :3 LOLOL


Then.. *Shrug* after sending Xiong home, he text me and say, the tire spoil D; damnnn. i thought puncture only. but it really spoil half dead. LOL. we end up stuck at Tabuan Jaya for one hour. in between that one hour, Grace's dad come to the rescue despite it's already 12 almost 1 :PP ahhahaa. 

Got back around 1am+ . tried to sleep until 9am+, but couldn't. :O so I woke up at 8am + to blog about this :DD YAY 


I always wanted this bird :)) The yellow onee to be exact. For me, it looks damn cute compared to the rest :D Gibb the son got 2 angry bird ==" One blue, one yellow. D: haiz. but then, I got the Green pig and blue bird edy XP

Moral-of-the-story; Never be too greedy XP ngeheheh 


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