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  Leo Installation 2011
Posted at 8/07/2011 04:38:00 PM

Starting this post with a picture of lenglui blue eyes :D my date of the day. HEHE. 

This is the 6th month in Leo and I regret I didn't join earlier :| it's so fun. HAIZ. nevermind :') 
It's my last year of school, I wish I could take a time machine and go back to form 1 and convince my form 1 self to join Leo :O I've thought of joining, but I no friends back then :(
-poor self- Nevermind. I go Swinburne just to join Leo. HAHA


Anyways, I arrived early cause my sister send :| But then, it's okay though. Cause I wasn't #Foreveralone forever cause I found Phyllis and Eva :D YAY. and I get to choose seats since it was early. oo Cheng came late cause her mum need to bath first. LOL

Lunch at Crown Imperial Hall, Crown Plaza on 6th August :))

My table :D
The people there was so pretty I feel discourage abit D: Y I NO PRETTY LIKE PRETTY GIRLS??!! :( #priscieunperfect


Pictures Taken on the day

Me and Diana :3

Me, Yvette the current President and the SILENCE board D: #annoyingmuch

My 1st time cam-whoring with Cheng. :D AND I DIDN'T FAILL. ;'D 
Usually Cheng would decline to cam-whore with me, but yesterday she didn't cause she lose a bet. I told her if I would talk to -insert dude name- she would cam-whore with me. And I did. So my face drop D: and she had to pay for it. why dude so haolian onee LOL

Cheryl, me and Christal Bel :D

Yvette and Aaron :D (wooppss. I didn't notice Aaron got red eye, forgot to edit :S)

Tristan and me doing the "we just had our pedicure" face :D

Eva and me. DOMO ATTACK! :D

Phyllis and me :D DOMO ATTACK!!
Cheng: *look at photo* eee I see me here. :D *looking at Domo hand pockets*

YAY 2nd camwhore picture with Cheng :D #privileged

Domo the Cheng and me x)


Cheng: I want do something crazyy. LOL. I want cam-whore with random people.
LOL. this is what bestfriends are for :D

Phyllis the domo :D


Me and Cheng and the dance crew :D

Mabelline and Cheng :D

Cheng and me. 

His name is #foreveralone dude :D

#foreveralonenoballoongostealballooninstore :D

Balloons in the store :O!

Me and #foreveraloneguy :D
Foreveraloneguy: I no girlfriend, you people call me foreveralone some more :( 

Tickets :) awww we didn't win lucky draw. How? :(

Camwhore picture of me :D nooo... I still got many, don't worry B)


Got so many people win lucky draw. So many people but Gapor students. D: #foreveralonenohampers
Other games is best couple. :P

Tze Haw and Natalie. Gapor representatives :D AIYERR 

St Thresa girls. They look pretty :)

Gapor representatives dancing :D

Kuching High representatives :D

St Joseph representatives being gay :D

Natalie and Tze Haw :)


Oh2, we were entertained by random Leos from random school . It's either singing or dancing. :D 
Awesome people ;)

Maybelline singing. Nice voice :) + i like the lightings LOL

Dancers :D! Epic program of the day :O!


K... food time x) HAIZ. so nice I want cry... 

Random mee. :P

Random Chicken :P

I didn't try this cause was too busy stalking with Cheng BD


Fish ball and Ngoh Hiang. HEARTS HEARTS :D

Spicy Mango fish thingy :D I ATE A LOT OF THIS TOO. 

Fruits :P

Ironically the food was awesome but it seems like only me and Cheng eat a lot *smirk* :O on my table, got 5 Gaporians and the rest is Kuching High people. LOL. 

OH BTW, I met Rebecca Black there :O! HAHAHAHAHHAHA naww, it's not her, it's just someone who looks like her :D wth. so awesome :)


MUST BE LIGHTING OR PHOTOGRAPHER NOT GOOD. -don't want blame camera cause my camera never failed me- XP


Ok laa. I so tired last night. :O slept quite early so didn't get to blog. *alasan* HAHA
anyways, I spilt soy sauce on my skirt cause there was this singer who sang MEI GUAN XI. me and Cheng got so crazy high after that, she said she wanted to throw cups cause the singer didn't sing good, so I took the bowl without noticing there was soy sauce in it, and slant it in an act of throwing, and the soy sauce spilt on my skirt and cheng's bag. :| poor usss.. I MEAN LIKE WHO PUT KICAP IN A BOWL == Lucky I thought of going to the toilet and wash it off with soap otherwise I'll be smelly the whole day :|

k........ so,
Moral-of-the-story; Never play around with the bowls during a dinner. 


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