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Posted at 8/18/2011 05:36:00 PM
It's that time of the year again where you get to taste awesome Malay food :P
I love Bazaar Ramadhan's for the food, and I love Hari Raya for the rendang and ketupat. Damn. Now I'm hungry. D: And Raya is in about 2 more weeks. YAY FOOD  YAY FAT D:

The thing I love the most about Malay food are the keropok lekor. :O 
I could eat and eat non stop, and I still want more. But the ones I bought the other day got a lot of bones, :( and it sorta scratched my throat and made me suffered sore throat whole night. D: 
But it's okey :') I like the ones from last year stall, too bad they don't have this year. :( last year lekor don't have bone and it's damn meaty :D *imagining* hmmmm Bliss. 


There's this one time when I drank Teh C layer, my uncle ask me why I don't drink the whole packet of sugar instead. hmmm. not a bad idea . :P

Anyways, school's fine. I couldn't manage add maths anymore. T.T i need motivation to do it. I think I'll fail it maximun and SPM is just around the corner. On the bright side, Chemistry and Physics is starting to come around and I think I could get at least a credit. *pat self shoulder* 

Ehhh, Tomorrow got English Essay competition :3 and I wanna join public speaking D: *slaps self*
Why they only have public speaking on the last year of school? :(( NEVERMIND I STILL WANT JOIN. D; PLEASE OPEN CATEGORY FOR FORM 5. D; oh yeaa, wish me luck for my life! 


Moral-of-the-story; Never ever tell lies and show off, people no likey :P


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