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  Random School Photos
Posted at 8/10/2011 05:55:00 PM
Don't know when again I'll be able to take shots of random stuff I do in school. 
After this year, might never get the chance anymore, so what the heck :) 

Husna and Olga

Cassie and Husna. 

Those four are the ones that made me had the mood to come to school. :) Besides Cheng and Xiong. LOL. Those four are the ones I have to face a lot during my school days. and I don't mind. Cause they're awesome! Without any one of them , laughing wouldn't be fun anymore HAHA 
But then, whenever Husna and Olga gossips, me and Cass talk craps behind. LOL. 
Good girl no gossip :') HAHAHHAA

My hand very itchy oneee. LOL. Today I broke open my liquid cause I wanted to know how the thing inside looks like. All white. Goodd BD

Porridge! Apparently the only food , OH WAIT GOT LOK LOK, anyways, apparently are the only food that I look forward to recess :O If not, I order random food from Debbie. :3 HAHA

When I look at this photo, I was like, "CASS WHY YOU CAPTURE THE FAT SIDE OF ME" D;

This is a reprise of the comic I drew :D LOLCASSLOL


My hair today ;3 I bun it and tie it with a white ribbon my sister bought through Faceook. xD I got 4 colours, I mean she. LOL Yesterday I use black, today I use white, tomorrow I use Blue. On Friday use Pink BD 

Looking at any school photos and the thought of not going to school anymore next year has taken it's toll on me. I still couldn't believe the fact I'm going to leave school and this is my last year of school. It's like just yesterday my mum taught me how to buy food at my primary school canteen 10 years ago. I wonder what's next year in store for me. Would I be accepted into any college offering Mass Communication course? Or would I be taking my foundation in a local college? HAHA. I think too much. I have to see my result first. HAIZ. Time really flies. Even though stuck paying bills is the last thing I would want now, I have to go through it no matter what. :)


I can draw more comics :')

The water ventilation thingy I sakai use just now. EEEE LOL. :D 
My sister put in 50cent, and my little tupperware only can carry 10cent worth of water. That thing is super cheap! :o 


Moral-of-the-story; Appreciate life as what it is. No matter hard it hits you, never tell it you're giving up. 


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