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  Selamat Hari Raya 2011
Posted at 8/30/2011 07:31:00 PM

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir && Batin :) 

Today Raya was fun! My dad followed YB Sng visiting, and beside my dad, still got other politicians followings, means there's one string of cars going around Kuching just now(although some of them got lost). :P HEHE. I had fun, :') I only managed to visit around 4 houses. The last house was my mum's Facebook friend. LOL. WHAT HAPPEN TO NOT MEETING PEOPLE YOU KNOW ON FACEBOOK. xD

I finally figured out why my photos are always ugly, LOL. I re-size the picture to low. LOL

The number of plates of food indicates the number of houses I went to :PP

1st house.
I like the rice. They mixed it with chicken. And the rice is so long, so awesome! But I rushed eating it, otherwise I'll be going for a second. Hmmm :(

2nd house.
LOL. Some religious dude serve tuna mashed potato and lasagna. Awesome. It's a first ;3 But I think I couldn't take much cheese, so it wasn't that nice till the end. I was never good with cheese :O

3rd house.
I ate just a little cause I started to feel the rice I ate yesterday :P OH BTW, YESTERDAY MY DAD DARED ME AND MY LITTLE SISTER TO FINISH THE POT OF RICE AND WE DID LOL . anyways, the chicken gravy was nice. :) 

4th house.
Bamboo shoot, and curry, :) the bamboo shoot burned by tongue, it was super spicy I cried ;( hmm


This year Raya was different, I barely taste rendang. :O or maybe I was too full I don't even wanna go near it LOL. anyways, the cheese cake at the 4th house tasted awesome-static :)) This few days, I'm like drowning myself with loads and loads of cheese which is bad, cause I'm already chubby, and with cheese and all those other fattening food, I can gain more weight by the second, which is not good ;( HMMMM what should I do with myself??!! ;(

Random Photos ;)

Me and my sister :)

YB Sng Chee How , my brother, Umm Habsah Harun and my mum :)

Me and anak YB :P Emmy :))

Sister, Mum's FB friend, brother, dady :3


Today is tiring, but I still had fun. :) 
The weather was cloudy, not too hot, and not too cold. LOL. But would like it if it was cold. Now, it's night, and it's raining. Ahh, Nice weather to sleep in. Really tired this days, Had a nice water-gun war with my siblings after we got back. It's been a while since I've got out and actually play like that. :) Not to forget my addiction towards plants vs zombies LOL. any more nice games? :)

Moral-of-the-story; It's not a sin to have fun(good fun) once in a while :))


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