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  Short People
Posted at 8/25/2011 05:24:00 PM

I'm not against short people or anything, I have loads of short friends, and I think they're cute. And it could be something that's going to happen in the future that's why their short. I always tell my bestfriend, Cassandra, that being short isn't a disadvantage. It could only mean your future spouse is going to be short. I mean, taller than her but shortie than me HEHE. but she's a black belt(just tip but I like to exaggerate for some reason) in Taekwando and not many tall people can achieve that. :)

Few weeks ago, I was surfing Facebook and saw an event called, "SLAPPING SOMEONE TALLER THAN YOU DAY"

It has until 6000++ members attending. 
I basically think that this event is to appreciate those shorties. HEY, they may be short, but still, they're humans. They still have feelings, and I strongly agree that short people has their advantages. But some short people tend to feel like OH IM SHORT, IM LOUSY, I CAN'T EVEN REACH THAT THING ABOVE THE CUPBOARD. you know what are some of the advantages of being short? I've this one friend, he said that he's too tall, and people always mistaken his tall legs for "running legs" but in fact, he has trouble running and sometimes even walking, because priscilla-cally proven, tall people has balance issues. They tend to be clumsy and knock things in their way.

Cass asked my Bio teacher if there's any surgery to become tall. Yes there is. But when you're short for your whole life, then suddenly you're tall, it makes feel imbalance and you tend to fall every now and then, it's because you haven't got use to being tall. 

The moral-of-the-story; Don't go tall surgery and be tall , appreciate what you have :)


So don't feel that being short is a bad thing. :) 
If everyone in the world is tall then things in the supermarkets would fall off more often, and beds would be longer because it's not enough, and nobody can sleep on the sofa comfortably anymore, and it'll be hard to reach things that are really low. 



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