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  Time always heals
Posted at 8/26/2011 10:00:00 PM
Nahh. Time doesn't heal your pain, it teaches you to live with it. :)

Last night, went to church for a  briefing. But I kinda told my dad the wrong time. So he had no choice but to go roam other place first. and he brought me to Secret Recipe, Jalan Stampin :P HEHE

Well, it must good timing though although it was wrong at the same time. Cause I didn't eat dinner before going out :P so was hungry heeee


Vanilla Latte :3

Spaghetti Bolognese.
Sometimes I think me and spaghetti can never be together. :O it either made me stomach pain or nauseas. Hmm. This is not my cup of tea but I wanted to try anyways. I think, the problem here is the cheese is too cheesy D: I never like cheese that tasted exaggerating. Hmmm #regrettedeatingthis :( should have bought the curry . :( nevermind . still got other time. :D


How's life? ;)

I feel sad. I trusted her so much in the beginning. And even when we fought about her trust, she still manage to lie to me. It's a good thing she isn't one of those person who is close with me, and who I need the most. It's good that we can laugh about anything together before. 
Yes, I may complicate things, I make small things into big things, Yes I am naive. But this comes to show how I value our friendship which I know now apparently is completely ruin the moment you remove me as friends from Facebook. 

Lying bastard. what's better than that? 
Girl,, people know about your life. Without even having me to tell them, people know how a liar you are. If you don't stop now, when are you? Are you going to continue on living your life like that? Are you going to tell people you are friends with them, when everybody clearly see they do not exist. 
Girll, lying isn't the way. You told me you lie to runaway from certain problems. No, it doesn't. Lying only brings you to more problem. You told me you weren't afraid of me. Then why are you removing me from friend list? why is it that you value your pride than our friendship?

It hurts me up to this point that I've been lied to multipled times, and I'm blind enough to listen before. Now not anymore, Continue on with your lies, I tell you. One day, when you have nobody that will listen to you completely, don't blame it, and say that everyone is naive, don't say that everybody is against you, cause girl, it all started with a lie. 

People like you make people like me gnarl. If only you hadn't talk to me, and we hadn't become friends. Life would be so much easier. 

I like it better if I have love problems than friends problem. Because for me love problem don't hurt as much as friends problem. I always had good friends.. :')


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