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  City Care Charity
Posted at 9/17/2011 12:11:00 PM
Early last month, I bought a few charity food fair tickets to help my friend finish it off. I bought RM50 with the hope, I'll finish selling it. and I don't need to use em all, and the day of the charity itself I can do something else. But procrastinating makes me forget that I have to sell. So yesterday, I went to ACS building to buy some food from the charity food sale to help the cancer children. C:




Mihun Belacan unwrapped :)

Mihun belacan in a bowl. and less taugeh :D
I threw away the taugeh cause I don't like taugeh. I don't care how long it takes me to separate the taugeh from the noodles , I will not eat taugeh no matter what people say  :B

Two packets of kolok mee c:
I don't really like eating kolok mee, unless I feel like it? I guess I got bored of this HAHA. :D

Kueh Tiaw goreng. Taugeh free :D!! I always love kueh tiaw more than fat noodles. c:

Pineapple Rice :D I love this the most from all the foods I bought. Apart from the kueh tiaw. :D Would love to learn how to cook it some day. C: nyummm 

Guilinggao :O
It's the bitter kind of jelly, a healthy not sweet jelly. That nobody in my family likes to eat it. My mum buys it because we needed to finish the coupon and have nothing else to buy . xD hahaa This jelly can cool down your body temperature. hmm . maybe I should try to eat it later :D

At first I thought they mixed it with milo , because of the brown colour. :O But then, it tasted like any normal ABC you can find in the shop :)

We actually bought only the tofu in the pot, the soup and the ingredients is from my fridge. xD
It's the first time I actually like eating fried tofu, and my dad have to make it into soup. I think they steam the tofu with chicken stock? :O hmmm. I don't know? Not a kitchen expert . xD ohyeaaa. the soup is kinda nice too C: I drank it with my pineapple rice. 


No.. I didn't buy this in the charity sale. I bought it via airpost from KL. x)

Anyways, I'm hungry now after posting those food photo. My mum didn't cook, and my dad is at a seminar. Oh well, I'll just wiped myself some instant noodles later then :D

Moral-of-the-story; enjoy food while you can :D


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