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  Extraordinary Outing
Posted at 9/01/2011 03:25:00 PM

Photos below are taken by HAN XIONG :3

Yesterday was a tiring day. I slept whole morning, went visiting in the afternoon, then in the evening till night, I went to Friendship Park for an extraordinary outing. :)

Picked Cheng, went home to change clothes, stalked Facebook abit, then went over to Friendship Park with Fifi, Jeff, Cheng. Met Ronald and Patrick-dady and other participant there :DD


1st game is called, "Step on the newspaper" game :D everyone in the group have to step on the newspaper without letting any parts of the body parts out. Hmm. 

Thinking how on earth we'll do it. :O

LOL. My brother was being carried. xD Niceee.

In the middle of the event, MY.FM cruisers decided to cruise over Friendship Park to give out freebies. Too bad it wasn't Hitz.Fm Awwwww. :O But many people went for it anyway. If it was Hitz, I would have run over and skip the game :P HEHE

Next game is .. ERR. How do you call it?? EMMM.. AHH,, The birdie game? LOL

:O it's a very fun game. I can't explain it here. Hmm :(

3rd game was pulling your opponents hands into the pail and getting them all soaked up :P

Next game has water guns in it :3 We bought water guns just for this! HMMM :O
Anyways no more games photo, cause the photographer had to go back . AWWWW. :( Nevermind :P


The loser team had to drink "Ribena" D: That taste like bittergourd and cucumber. HMM Actually we had a choice to choose between bitter and ginger :S My team lost. But too good I didn't get drink it cause Cheng drank for me . :3 AWW MY GIRLFRIEND  

Group photo :PP

Then we walked to a restaurant in 101. :O We walked for .. I think almost 30 minutes? D: hmm Nevermind though. Exercise :P I need to burn fat from Raya though HEHE. :)

I think this is sweet and sour chicken . :P If not is thick soy sauce chicken. :O HMMM they didn't put the menu out so How was I suppose to know :P

If I don't know this, I don't know what I should do with myself :P

Sea cucumber soup :)

I like this :D! Belacan vege :3 YUMM

Brinjal+Gravy :O I didn't touch this at all cause I don't really like brinjal :( unless it's cook with egg! LOL


I think this is nestum chicken :D but Also got butter taste leh :O But this is delicious too!

What I ate :3

Refreshing Fruits 

All this delicious food, accompanied by Green Tea :D

All this food at Zhong Yuan Xiao Fan,  Jalan Stampin(101 Premier), Kuching :3

Somebody spammed Ronald last night. :P HEHEHE

Me and my Patrick-Dady :P Thanks to him for introducing me to this event. Hmm :) 

Moral-of-the-story; when a photo hosting says it'll resize all your photos to 800px, don't be stupid and resize your photos via photo editing to 900px because you thought your photos will be nicer later, cause you're wrong :3


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