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  Hari Malaysia
Posted at 9/15/2011 05:43:00 PM

Tomorrow is Hari Malaysia, My school celebrated it yesterday ;)
Theme: "1 Malaysia Menjana Transformasi" 
The celebration was okay? I guess. Not too long, not too boring, and they even showed the night of Independence :) AND CHOCOLATE CAKE !! ;)

Confetti :D

Cakey :B

Independence Parade :D

Nice weather BD

Random Photos.

Me and Datin Husna ;) 
I regret doing my hair like that if I knew I am going to look weird ;( hmmm

Me and Ga-ree :3
He was wearing baju kurung the indian traditional clothes, Dotti .

Wati, Melvina and me ;)

With the juniors. From left; Merilyn, Hiroh, Audrey, Bona, me and Althea ;)

Me and Chelsea ;)

From left; me , Felicity, Roselle, & Joelle.

Again with them ;)

Farhani and Me ;)

Claudia and me ;) wooo sexay ahaha. 

Me and Gloria form 4. xD see our baju kurung terbalik onee :D

Michelle, me and Gloria form 3 :D

Jasmine, me and Voon ;)

Me and Lynsay ;)

Nicollete, Keith and me ;) (don't mind the background)

The besties, Debbie, Catherine and Li Fei 

Me and my prefect junior, Jason. :P He depends on me if he wanna be a prefect. cause if I say he's no good, he's out ;) but then.. he's a good prefect :)

Me and mel ;)

Me and Ah-Thrine(Catherine) :D


So anyways, we got our Public Speaking prize.. finally ;)


This is my , "WHAT HAPPEN TO LOVE" face :B haahaa i thought it was suppose to be a story book ;( nevermind. this dictionary is kinda good too. oh well, at least it's not an exercise book . xD

Happy Tomorrow is Malaysia Day :D

The event is 1Malaysia themed, but to my dismay, Malaysians don't even practice it. ;) A group named "Semenanjung Anti Sarawak Bodoh" is being made in Facebook. I mean, what the heck is that? what happen to 1Malaysia? what happen to love? What happen to the walls of Independency that Tunku Abdul Rahman has made 54 years ago? Where is it? :O and even so if you don't wanna respect 1Malaysia, at least respect your religion. Dude, where are your manners? Did your God teach you like this? What a shame. 


Moral-of-the-story; Love one and another and live in peace for God sake ;)


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