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  A night out
Posted at 9/11/2011 05:29:00 PM

Enjoy every moment of life, without hesitation do the things you love the most, and never regret what you ever did.

Yesterday I thought I'm going to the near my house church, cause the people invited me, Xiong, Cheng and Ronald to go . But we never got the time to go together, so we thought of going last night, but we didn't. Cause Cheng couldn't make it.
Instead, we went over to Cheng's Ahma's house to find her. Ronald's brother drove us there. :)

I was so sure that Ronald would call me to ask for directions, but he didn't. Funny. Then, I found out he phoned call his friend to google map the area. Good idea :P hahahhaa

So I brought my books along, and I bought kueh chap for Cheng's family. :)

*pretend to study*


Then we studied in the living room , but we failed, cause the drama was so tempting :P 

Innocent little young boy :)

After Cheng went back to her own house, we went to Jalan Song and LIMTEH 

And this chicken damn nice :O Honey Chicken 

It was fun to hang out with Ronald's friends, Ray and Bong. Fun people. Hmm. I laughed a lot, and yeaa, we talked a lot. We were oblivious of our surroundings, and when Ronald phone call Cheng, we all laugh at him. :D EHEMCHENGEHEM :)) Then Ronald gave me his phone to talk to Cheng, :P until his phone battery died :O He quickly wanna go back. And I went back like super late last night. Awesome

Yeaa, Laughing makes me forget about my problems. Hmm,,  Like the previous night, Grace and John came looking for me with fried noodles. :D Hmm Nice :)

I have nice people in my life. 

Looking at the kids playing, is one of the most happiest things to see. It's like, you feel free like them, at the same time, you are burden with things from life. Hopefully, these kids would grow up to be someone reliable. And hope they enjoy their childhood before the problems really come. Never rush growing up.

Moral-of-the-story; Never hope for something you know you can't have.

Bai :)

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