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  Phone Rage
Posted at 9/24/2011 05:44:00 PM

Ahh. Have been lazy-ing around whole day. Watching tv on the couch.  #LIKEABOSS 

Days Days ago, I realized that my "Everyday I'm texting" thing is bad for my studies. Cause I tend to procrastinate study by 30 minutes just to finish up a topic, and sometimes, I will text until late night that made me sleep late every every single night. Which is not healthy. :| so few days before MOCK EXAM, I thought of not reloading anymore until SPM finish, And I was like;

Hmmm :) 
I mean how bad can not-texting be? But then, after a day I stop texting, I found out that, life was the same. I still procrastinate to study, nap #likeaboss in the afternoon and I still sleep late at night, mainly cause I was used to sleeping late. LOL. I rely mainly on my lappy to have fun, and TV. But mostly TV. I was like, WHATS WRONG WITH ME. 

So I reloaded. HAHA. :") But then, I am not a text maniac, I can stop when I want, and I can only manage to text 2 people, sometimes 3 a time. But I mostly only text 2 people. HEHE.

In conclusion, I will always procrastinate no matter what, and I cannot live without my phone. :D besides, it's hard to ask something , or talk about something, to your friends, when we're not in school. We might still be sending doves out, if phone wasn't invented. 

BTW, in my previous post, there are people asking "what is meme" :O this is meme. or it could also be called rage comic :D I read it every night before I sleep. #addicted


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