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  UCSI Kuching
Posted at 9/08/2011 06:22:00 PM

This morning I went to UCSI, Kuching for a tour with my school mates. This campus is just about 3 minutes away from my school. Imagine sitting in an aircon bus for 5 minutes, and just when you're about to relax, you had to go down :O

Games. Speeches. Stuff. :)

Tour around UCSI, and this is their lounge room. This made me can't wait to get to college. 
Less than a year more :D

Process of Distillation. :D

The kitchen. :O
And those burgers are specially made for us. hmm :)

Coffee Bar & Bistro . where coffee and wine mix :P

Coffee that I didn't try . :)

My friend was like calling me after the bartender made this. "Pris Pris. Picture!" at that moment I was like finding a little space at least to snap it. ahaha. Know know only that girl :P

It gets awesome :D check out the RM1 inside!

So yeaa, we were there the whole morning. Aww And there's even a lucky draw going on for us! The t-shirt super nice, too bad it's not my lucky day. I would so kill to get that t-shirt! 

Cheng and Joshua got one. Aww it's their lucky day. Nevermind. It's just God's way of telling me I have too many t-shirts. :B HMMM -self cheering up-


I sat with cheng, joshua and cassandra :D

It's delicious even without the sauce D: 

From left; Joshua, Cheng, Tiffany the UCSI worker, me and Cassandra :B

Cheng, me and guy name David who look like Justin Timberlake ! :O

Aland the speaker and me :D
I was complaining how tall he is, so he pose like this for me. Aww :') 

Group picture.
At first I didn't wanna go, cause I rather study in class, SPM is coming and all. But Husna put my name, and yea I was glad she did it even tho it's without my permission, cause I would have died foreveralone in class and during recess. + the burger and games were nice. Hmm :)


Touring the college made it feel like the first day of college. Even though I hadn't been to one.
And when they asked us to fill in the forms, I got really puzzled. I wanted to do Law at the same Mass communication. I wanna be a lawyer at the same time fulfil my childhood dreams of becoming a reporter. Time is running out, and it's really time to choose which course I want to do and what I wanna be in the future. I didn't know which course to put as 1st choice, so with much thinking I decided that, I want to be a lawyer in the future. With this choice, hopefully I won't regret. The reason I chose Law is cause I love debating, love fighting for a reason, and cause it's fun to do so. And the reason I intended to take Journalism is cause, I like to write and socialize. And recently someone adviced me to take Law cause I can write and socialize too + debate. Unlike Journalism. Hmm :)

Moral-of-the-story; Less connections, less problems. :')


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