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  Birthday Party
Posted at 10/22/2011 10:40:00 AM

So, last night was Ronald's Early Birthday Party. His Birthday is not until 26th of October. So, anyways, me and Xiong got him a little something. HEE (: Hope he liked it. Eventhough it's not Justin Bieber, well, at least it's Justin Timberlake :P HEE. We bought him two love dvds. :D

I don't know how they marinate the chicken, but all I know that it's sooo delicious :D weeee The pork more delicious :D 

BBQ Food courtesy of Ray, Kenny and friends :P 

Fettuccine :D Now I'm starving for Creamy Fettuccine x.x 

Pork, Chicken, Curry, Veges :D I think Ronald cooked this :) 


BBQ didn't stop there. CORN IS NEXT :D



Corn :D So Long didn't eat. mmmm 

Sexy boyfie with the corn :P sounds so wrong. x.x


This post is sponsored by Red Wine :D LOLOLOL. I didn't drink any. I good girl bo :P ngee

The real sponsor of the food in this post. Ronald :o Happy Early Birthday Boii~ Don't everyday emo :3 HEE. 

YAY. Thanks Xiong for accompanying me :D

Moral-of-the-story; Eat as much as you can when there's an opportunity!


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