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Posted at 10/04/2011 11:02:00 PM

This photo was taken oh 5th October 2010. And tomorrow is 5th of October 2011.

Yeahhh, Tomorrow is my brother's birthday. :D

Happy Birthday big brother 
It's the big 27! You've been through more experience than I have. HEY I WANT GO HORSE RIDING TOO D; LOL

I remember when we were younger, you were in secondary school, and I just enter primary school, was still naive and dumb , and you told me, that I have for money than you. In fact, you only have 3 of RM1, and I have few cents of RM2. Good times :')

It's been long since we last talk, and if we do, it's only a few words. Which is a pity, :/ 
But Nevermind. We both had our own lives. Couldn't blame us. HMMM, 

But deep down, we all know we love each other. :)

Happy Birthday big brother. May your birthday away from Kuching be happy. Stay healthy! Eat good, don't be lazy at work and take care. C: don't forget bring me go watch movie when you're finally back EHEHE :B

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