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  Happy Birthday GayBaby
Posted at 10/15/2011 09:31:00 AM
14th October 2011

Happy Belated Birthday Pris! :D Do you feel old? :)

Pink cupcake from Olga, Cheese cake from Cheng, Orange card with Pinkie Pirate inside from Ah Cheng too! and blue card from Fatihah :D

Tissue card from Husna. xD
This year, my birthday was a lot happier, and more fun, and no-words-could-describe. Although it started off with a bump, but in the end, I'm glad I was born to see this. I guess I had the best birthday, cause for once, I wasn't foreveralonesingle. And I have great friends! :B

This . is . yummy . :')

So anyways, my classmate sang for me ;') a few times, LOL. And they wished me, awww, how sweet of them :') Thanks Catherine for the birthday hugg. 


After school, Joey and Hui Yii pulled me away from Cass D: CASSSSS,,, they brought me to a deserted area, and left me there-___- And they lied to me, They say they wanna use me to scare away paikias. MANA PAIKIA D; lie me la them. ngehehe. Then, there, I saw, Xiong kneeling down with a Giraffe on his hand. x) wthell. so cute. I mean the Giraffe. :D LOLOL. he's cute too, ;) Not as cute as the giraffes.

The blue from Xiong, Pink from Gibb the son. :D

haha. I have been obsessing on Giraffes, since I don't know when? But I would love to keep Giraffes as a pet one day. :D can I ? can I? :B

This is how obsess I can get ;) Doodling during class. ngeheh !


Ohya, so anyways, after that we went to 101 to have our lunch together, Me, Boyfie and Son. 



Damn light, make him look not cute D: awww nevermind. :P

Then Gibb left us for school. D: GRRR. Nevermind. Then I spent the whole afternoon with boyfie ;) Being gay at 2 different kopitiam :D Then I saw this old man who sat behind us, he took pictures of the waitress. WTH. D': KENAPA BEGITU SIHH , what happen to love until white hair D:


Divulging on my seaweed. xD + MY HAIR LOOK SO AWESOME ;D ahahaaa

Okay so, we went limteh-ing the whole afternoon, waiting for his father to come and fetch us home, but in the end, my dad fetch us home. LOL, Almost 6pm , I can't stand, I was sleepy, and tired. And while Xiong was sleeping cutely, I was busy doodling :D

ahahaa. I got a real picture of him sleeping ;D AWW SO CUTE, DON'T WANT SHARE. XD

Then I decided to study Sejarah :B


On the way home, I thought my dad was gonna nag me, but in the end, he asked me where I want to celebrate my birthday? I chose Steamboat. 

Had a 2 hour steamboat time, then I got scare of eating meat D: AHHH and the butter keep popping, and nearly killed us to death . LOL. Joking. xD

Me and my sister, Both of us has puffy cheeks . TIRED. x.x

The pink one is Pinkie, and the blue one is Binkie :D Wanted to name it Sexy, but my yellow angry bird got that name already LOL.

Altogether, my birthday was awesome. Family & Friends, and people that never gave up on me :) I hope next year would be a blast, because after leaving school, it's hard to gather around like this again, Hmm . :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAY BABY, I truly believe, after the rain, there's always a rainbow

 Thanks everyone for the texts, wishes on Facebook and Twitters. Ngee

Pris: When I look at the mirror , I always ask myself..
Husna: How much is botox?
Pris: D: wthell
Husna: hahaa. Pris old. :D

Haha. I guess, I'm growing up as each day passes. ..

Moral-of-the-story; Never stop believing.


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