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  Pete's Western
Posted at 10/01/2011 12:48:00 AM

I went to Pete's Western in the afternoon for lunch . LOL. and I got this picture from somewhere on google :O it's at a different location, and I think it's around town. But the Pete's Western I went to just now, was located between houses at 101 area there. :)


My dad's Roast Chicken Set :D

My sister's baked Cheese spaghetti :D This is nice! I think it's better than Secret Recipe. HEHEHEE

Brother's crispy salad chicken rice, and yes, chicken was super crispy :)

My Fettuccine Carbonara ♥ Love Love Love. :3

Cheesy Wedges. :D 
I like this the most! The outside is crispy, and the cheese is yummy. And it's cheeper by the means of quality and quantity than kfc. Sorry. ;)

Pink Lady 
The drinks that stands out among the rest .. cause it's pink. My favourite colour ;) BTW, I just know Pink lady is a combination of watermelon juice and milk. :o Soooo going to make it myself. :)

Great. Now I'm hungry. D:
BTW, this few days, I'm addicted to MyTubo thanks to a blogger ;) MyTubo is just like Instagram, I guess? only it's for android phones only. And food photos above are all taken using my dad's HTC. ;)


Sometimes it's nice to love, but sometimes it hurts instead. 

Moral-of-the-story; Money can't bring happiness, but it can surely buy you something delicious. :D

BAI ;)

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