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  Chubby Baba
Posted at 11/01/2011 05:36:00 PM

Last Sunday , I went to Chubby Baba, Muara Tabuan Commercials and ate nyonya style for the first time. Not bad :) My dad brought us there cause it was my Grandma's last meal with us, until next time. Then after that, we sent her to my aunt house. :) haha. That afternoon we ate Iban Style at The Dyak's, and at night Nyonya style. Awesome :D

Kailan :)) I would appreciate it if they had heard me ordering Ladies Finger Belacan /.\  I don't really like kailan, but I ate it anyways. hehe

Chicken soup C: my mum was like, 'heh daddy can cook this too. why didn't we order something we never eat?" LOL. it was okay. hehe 

Babi Pongteh :D yeee. But then, nothing special. Pork+kicap :o Or maybe, I'm always eating nyonya style and I didn't know . -.- 

ahhhh =3= I hate this the most. heh. they put too much wine, I spit after one mouth of eating. :D

well, the rice was nice :o 

The vicinity was jungles, and therefore loads of mosquitoes /.\ But the ambience was just nice. Although we sat outside, but it had that old chinese-sy feeling you get when you watch an old chinese film. :3 


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