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  Class Dinner
Posted at 11/08/2011 05:40:00 PM
5 November 2011

Few weeks ago, I was given the choice to choose between Prefects Dinner and Class Dinner, if I could I would attend both. :3 But too bad, both dinner clashes. Fortunately I chose to go to my class dinner, cause MI FAMILIA   Though the food wasn't satisfying at 4points, but I was still happy I get to spend should-be-the-last-time with Betanians before SPM. :)

Photos I adore ;) 

Me and my turn-into-Cinderella-a-night bestfriend, Cassandra ;)

Me and my wear-a-dress-just-for-tonight bestfriend, Olga ;)

Cassandra and Husna ;)

Me and Joshua ;)

Debbie and I ;)

Olee and I ;)

Me and I'm-singing-here-friend, Keith ;)

Me and my lenglui add maths teacher ;)

Me and some dancer girl I met at the toilet :3 NGEE

Me and my Cinderella bestriend, Cassandra again ;D HAHA. She must thank me too! If it wasn't for me who hid Olga's cardigan and her jacket, she wouldn't have been as hot as she was during the dinner. ;) DAMN GIRL WANNA USE JACKET/CARDIGAN SAYING SHE FELT EXPOSE -.- HEHE 

Food ;) 

The organisers opted for international menu set, so food was internationally okay :O

/.\ Looks greasy. didn't even try it. HAHA

I like this :D Kokoda, Marinated fish with lime juice and coconut 

Chicken curry ;D

Stir fried prawns with dry chilli. YUMMS. 

Just realize I didn't take a photo of the cauliflower+brocolli mix with herbs butter. HAHA. I hate that the most -.- It's too dry, and tasteless, and vegies were huge :/ But look at the bright side, at least I went back home full. :D

Salad dressings photos ,,

Desert time !! :D the food I'm really pleased that night :3


The yellow cup with spoon is passion fruit panna cotta, LOVE. then there's the Lemon Tart Merinque and the opera cake :3 LOVE LOVE. and oh the assorted malay kuih :3

Lemon Tart Merinque :3


This is that little food I ate that night :3


Yes baby,, I enjoyed the food. #likeaboss ;)

During the night, I was asked to give a speech as I was one of the people who sponsored the prizes. Apart from me, there's also, Olga, Cassandra, Joshua, Husna. ♥ We helped to sponsor prizes for the best dress competition. Cassandra should have won, but oh well ;) At least I did a great speech. HEHE Even though it was long, but nobody fell asleep. #missionaccomplished :3

Cakeyy !!

Me giving the prizes for the winners of the best dress competition. And no, the lady in white isn't my classmate, but my lenglui add maths teacher :3

Me and my class teacher ;)

Husna, me and Cassandra ;)

Hmm. After SPM, who knows when can we meet again, who knows how hard is it to sit down and talk like how we used to, who knows what will happen next :') This few days, I've been really thinking, how I'll miss school when my high school life is over. How I'll miss those simple life. 

Moral-of-the-story; Appreciate things. and never ask for time to be fast.


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