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  Goodbye School
Posted at 11/30/2011 08:32:00 PM

I keep thinking times will never change, Keep on thinking things will always be the same, But when we leave this year we won't be coming back.


I no longer have any business to do with my high school. No longer will be going back there on daily basis. Won't be walking through those gates like how I used to do every morning and afternoon. No more laughters filled with joy. No more listening to boring craps on a hot day. No more evil stare at those people I don't like. Okay maybe I will still do the last one. HEHE ;)

So anyways , I've finish the most important exam in my school life. And I feel free. I guess.


And if you got something that you need to say, You better say it right now cause you don't have another day, Cause we're moving on and we can't slow down.

I don't regret my school life. I think I did great. Made a few enemies, a lot of awesome friends, and loads of life lessons I can tell my kids some day.

K. This is not my classroom. But I took this picture anyway cause I can't go to my class. :(

You know what I'll miss the most from my school life? Talking craps. Those funny teachers. What again? Listening to whatever craps those teachers are trying to present. Writing notes or actually trying to, while recalling all those craps to tell my friends. Changing pen colours each time I start a new sentence.

I will definitely miss these stairs. Where would I'd be if it wasn't for these stairs.  I'm talking about my fat. I'm sure, if I don't get a job quick, I'll be gaining 10kgs :')

My school is that big. :') Yes, it's tiring to walk that far, but hey, thanks to them, I am who I am :')

When we look back now, Will our jokes still be funny? Will we still remember everything we learned in school? Still be trying to break every single rule.

Thinking about school, I try to recall all those fuzzy memories beneath it.
Like how I learnt how a class monitor feels like in form 1. HAHA. before that, I hated anyone who became the class monitor. Because they're always buzzing on other people business. But get to feel how it feels like. So , on the first day of my high school, I got chosen to become the class monitor. Proud moments. Maybe? But through that, I gain a lot of enemies. Mostly my classmates. But hey, I was just trying to do my job. But who am I kidding, ask anyone, nobody will fully agree with the leader. :)

Then I got chosen to be Miss Nice LAWL. Er. I was one of them actually. Kinda shock though. Maybe because I was such a nerd in form 1, and teachers actually liked me. OHOHOHO. if they liked me back then, they must really hate me now. HAHA.

K. In form 2, I was the vice secretary of the prefectorial board. How I become? I don't know either. All I remember was, we were having a meeting, and I got elected by my classmate. I did a great job. HAH  I guess? maybe. hahahaha. okay maybe half half. I was always neglecting my duties because of my ex back then. Stupid. But then, I don't really have any specific duties. But I'd always skipped prefect meetings. And once, I got caught hiding from the prefect teacher. LOL. :') But at least, I finished every assembly report I was told to do. hahaha. yeaa. I remember how I hated science back then. I would just enter the lab , put my head on the table and sleep. And at times, I would feel guilty towards my teacher that I actually did my work. This is why my science subject sucks :P forever sucks .LOL

When I was in form 3, I no longer become that nerd. I lied. I cheat. And did all those bad stuff. OH, I DIDN'T DO DRUGS OR SMOKE OH. DON'T GET ME WRONG LOL. oh I didn't skip class too. But I felt, during form 3, I sinned a lot :( I even got my phone confiscated. I so pro k. In form 3, I learn to text without looking at my phone. haha. damn. But God bless me with good PMR results. I still don't understand how I got it, maybe it's just luck. :)

Form 4 life :') I was chosen to enter a pure science class. Knew it would be hard, Knew I wouldn't make it. But my ego and pride got through. I didn't wanna move class, because it has been my dream to enter BETA not knowing the consequences I'll get. ERH. Nothing much during form 4 though. I met an innocent friend, we become best friend, and she's no longer innocent. BWAHAHAHAHAH ;)
Damn. what a bad influence I am. lol ;D

These memories are playing like a film without sound.

I became a prefect again in form 5. Thought I wouldn't because I made a lot of teachers mad during form 4. But I guess, I was destined to become a prefect. LOL. But at least this time, I made it to every duty I was given, late or on-time, I was always there. And for this, my prefect certificate said I was responsible and always on time. It also wrote that my appearance was prefect-likeable? errr. I don't know how I got that, because for all I know, I always get complains coming about my appearance. HAHA.

So anyways, in form 5. I made a lot of friends. I was. er. happier. It was different compare to those other years. I'm gonna miss those crazy times I had during class. Like how we played a prank on teacher, by keeping quiet that the teacher got scared of us. HAHA. My class is claimed to be the noisiest. Cause we're awesome like that. uhuh ;) I'm going to miss those chinese people in class saying, "..shi la.." and I'll look back and I will ask what. :') and they'll say that I was "perasan" cause I thought they called me but actually no. I will definitely miss laughing out loud with Olga, Cassandra and Husna. Gossiping with Cheng. And bullying Xiong. I will definitely miss all those.


Will we think about tomorrow like we think about now? Can we survive it out there? Can we make it somehow?

Looking back at my high school life. Thinking, hey I don't regret anything. I may regret not studying, but that's for the future me to think about it. HEH.

And when people ask me what I miss the most about school, I won't just say my friends. I will say everything. Because school taught me how to live life, and where else would I learnt that again? And as I dropped my pen at the last sentence of my exam this afternoon, thinking, "hey no regrets". ;)

Goodbye School 

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