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  Logos Hope
Posted at 11/07/2011 09:45:00 AM


The moving book fair is here again. Selling upto more than 5000 different tittle of books. And is going to be in Kuching until the 13th of November 2011 at Pending Port.
So yeaa, last Saturday(5th November) I went there with my father, and my younger siblings.

we had to queue up in a pretty darn U-shape queue. wait, it's more to a W. :O we waited for around 20 minutes plus I guess? it wasn't a long wait. Thank God if wasn't sunny, but more to urr cloudy.

I think that colourful banner is the hardwork of the young people in my church. Pretty (: 

This dude keep on running here and there /.\ and he didn't even look at my camera D: HAHA joking :3


We had to sit down at some boat-like-sit and listen to this dude explaining :)) 

And since Logos Hope travel around, its currency is in units. :P pretty handy. 

Book fair :)) 

Awkward. Awkward. If my dad were to buy this book, I don't know what to say dy /.\ 

Like this view 


Exited the book fair, entering the Journey of Life. It's just a comic thing base on life. Creative ;)

My few favourites :) 


The pack International Cafe. Too bad I didn't get to try any :c 

I think this is some HIV campaign thing. But there's a board full of nice advices from people :))

Goodbye C:


That's all. Oh wait, I saw this cute korean guy who works at the Logos Hope, I wanted to camwhore with him, but ended up got slapped by my sister /.\ NEVERMIND. But anyways, Logos Hope is full of foreign workers, as it goes around the world, it picks up volunteer too! Duration of working is 2 years, and without salary. I think it's a pretty good experience working in Logos Hope. :O Travelling around, meeting new things, and new people. And not forget new places. mmmm 

Moral-of-the-story; Grab the opportunity while it's there.



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