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  Magazine Committee Dinner
Posted at 11/25/2011 11:44:00 AM
6 November 2011

Okay so this is a very old got dust edy dinner. I meant to blog earlier, but I'm in the midst of SPM. and now with 2 subjects left, I feel free. HAHA . Anyways, I got invited to this dinner cause I'm one of the hardworking's *wink* I'm really hardworking oh. HAHA Really :3


This is the menu of the night. Oh and Dinner at Merdeka Palace ;) The food was scrumptious. For me, I think it's better than my class dinner the other day. 

What we ate that night. I love the spicy prawns, the tomyam soup and the red bean with coconut milk desert. GREAT. Now I'm craving for red bean . HAHA.

Yah. I was having a great time eating while laughing. Until Husna decided to put fish head into Eva's soup. -.- Then I laughed like wthell. But I sat with a bunch of fun people that night ;) 


My date that night. Ain't she cute x) 

Photos ;)

Janice, Eva, and Husna who's trying to look like a teacher and it works :3 My table mates of the night ;)

Me and Cikgu Rabuyah. She looks so young she could be my schoolmate. and pretty too! :D 

Husna and me :3 poor Husna. She tried to cover her scar with makeup. It didn't work LOL

Eva and me. :D

Cikgu Jong and me. x)  Love Love this teacher cause without her I wouldn't finish all the interviews on time and I wouldn't get awarded hardworking leader HAHA. I got certificate some more. :3

Eva, Janice, Husna, Mdm Flowrese, me and Cikgu Nazmi :D

(photos after this were taken using Eva's DSLR)

Okay so, there wasn't any program just a few speeches. Around 9+pm we went prowling inside Merdeka Palace. HAHA. It was still early and we didn't feel like going back yet. Us 5 decided to play the lift and we went up to level 8. And that's as far as we can get.

Scary man . use the lift at Merdeka Palace. Everytime the door open, there's this DING! sound and we felt like we're in a horror movie. Err. HAHA those workers or people must have thought which's parents left their kids in a hotel to play around. HAHA.

K. Honestly la. You bring me play this kind of thing, or you try to scare me, I will. Yes I will. Without my control. I will scream your knowledge out. Seriously. I have the habit to scream out loud whenever people surprise me. Grrrr. -3- Then while we were going down the levels. There's this old dude with white shirt. GAY I scream like whutt, and I made people around me scream, and he was like, WHUT WHUT IT'S THIS SHIRT RIGHT RIGHT. wthell. I thought is who lo. When he got in the lift, we were half scare, HAHA. that we kept a distance away from him. Sad case. #truestory

My wthell-Geez-dude-you-scare-me expression =3=

HAHA. after that, we don't want play anymore. We sat down in the lobby and kept quiet the rest of the night :P Haiz. But it's one of the fun nights. After school, wonder when can I hang with my friends like this again. Yes we can go out to hang. But how many can make it?

Moral-of-the-story; Love life. Appreciate time. 


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