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Posted at 11/18/2011 01:27:00 PM

4 down. 5 to go. 
It's a wondrous Friday morning, where finally I get to relax and chill. It's been a week of SPM, and I'm soo relax until I'll assume that SPM is over. HAHA. BM, English, Sejarah was awesome. Maths Paper 1. Haiz. It's a good thing paper 2 was easy. LOL.

My phone is out of credit since last week, and so marks the end of my everyday I'm texting mode. I feel okay than what I thought how I would react without grasping on my phone for 24 hours. But then, instead of texting, I've substitute my addiction with tweeting. I can tweet everywhere, anywhere as long as there's wifi and the spirit to tweet. HAHA. And I would sleep late, because of tweeting. WTHELL?

I don't know why people keep on saying I emo on blog. I didn't. LOL. *rechecks* okay so.. maybe I did. Well, it's not my fault my life's a drama. In. Out. Everyday is a different story. But right now, life is the same. UH. I'm so gonna miss my friends in school. I'm so gonna miss eating shitty food from the canteen. Maintaining my weight by walking in and out of school. And most of all, I'm gonna miss gossiping during lessons. *throw pebbles at the next person* LOL. :X LALALALALALA

Moral-of-the-story ; be gay. BE VERY GAY :O


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