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  Breaking Dawn
Posted at 12/03/2011 05:23:00 PM
1st December 2011 

As everyone knows, the non extra subject pure science students around Malaysia, had just finish their SPM. And so has I. And finally I taste freedom, FREEDOM Y U NO TASTE. Er honestly, I still feel the need to study and revise. Still feel that it's wrong to online at night. But I'll get used to my new life :)

So, on 1st December, I went to Cheng's house to hang out with her. It was my first time there. HAHA. And I would not forget the first time I was there, because even going there for the first time, I had to climbed her gates in not knowing that the small door on the gate can be open. LOL. mei guan xi :D

K. Hang out Hang Out. Stalk Stalk. Eat Eat. Then Olga asked us whether we want to watch a movie that night. I was like, sure. But I didn't bring enough cash :X er.


K. After my light dinner, we went to Spring. Me, Cheng, Xiong, Olga, Oswald. Then suddenly Olga and her boyfie fought :( And there goes our plan. But still, Nevermind :D we had fun around Spring till 9pm+ , it's been a while since I've done that :')

Later then, my sister came and me and Xiong hang with her at Starbucks. :O The rest all went back ;) Then my sister decided to watch Breaking Dawn. YAY. I can proudly say, I've watched it already :D

After watching this part of the movie, I don't know why I felt like I'm on Team Jacob. For some sort of reason, I feel that Bella loved Jacob more than Edward. She did say Jacob made everything perfect. But this movie was beautiful. I went to watch it at a cinema, so the censor part was filtered off. But I wasn't anticipating on that part though. I can't wait for part 2.

In part 1 , Bella marries Edward and planned to spend her honeymoon like any other honeymoon. ER. LIKE ANY OTHER REAL HONEYMOON, if you get me LOL. But little did she know, even vampires can make a mere mortal pregnant. But immortal babies are scary wei, the foetus grew so fast, so quickly that by 2 weeks it made Bella pregnant as though as it has been 9 months. And because it's an immortal foetus, vampire to be exact, it feeds on Bella's blood. :X it feeds on blood so much, it turn her pale, thin and ugly :X 

(picture of them in Rio De Jeneiro during their honeymoon stop) 

Some scenes are damn scary , and some scenes are super sad I cried :') and I cried at the wedding part too :') :') And at the end, when Bella was laid down on a white bed, after the foetus drank the blood in her heart :'X , then she suddenly open her eyes, THEN THEN. RED COLOUR EYE WORR. WTHELL :X I scream lorrr :( Xiong say me useless can't watch this kind of movie :P but seriously though, I like had a mini heart attack at the ending. :'( who's idea was it to make Bella open her eye so suddenly , red eye some more :'( hmm. [SPOILER HAHA]


Pictures ;)

Oily picture of me , I post anyway cause this post don't have me picture LOL :P

Us. :D I look so ugly, whole day out and no bath why not ? T.T

After I took this picture, I was like, oh pretty even though it's blur. ahhaha :D

Then after movies, my sister drove us to another Starbucks outlet to stalk somebody :D

LOL :D spot spot :3

And that somebody gave my sister raspberry juice :D AWESOME.



K. Yesterday I went to the Popular Bookfair, it was their last day, :O Lucky my dad want to take me there T.T and I bought... :D

And my Cecelia Ahern's collection is down to 1 more book then it's complete. YAY :D
When I got back home, my mum was super mad cause I spend like RM200+ , hey hey, not my books only ba :P HAHA. I can't resist buying books, T.T I can't resist not reading them, it's like reading makes me feel at peace :)

OH, but I'm currently reading this. 700+ pages, #MEGUSTA,  and I haven't reach the 100th. I bought it like ages ago, but never read it cause I wasn't a Twilight fan before, but after watching Part 1, I can't wait for part 2, that I'm going to read it before it comes so I'll know what happens. :D


Childhood is not from birth to a certain age and at a certain age, the child is grown and puts away childish things. Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies.
- Bella Swan


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