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Posted at 12/25/2011 07:26:00 PM

Worm anyone? xD BTW, to those who don't know, old people in Sarawak actually eat this worms :X I think it's called ulat Sago. I've never eaten one, but I've once kept it as a pet, and fed it with leafs, but found out leafs wasn't it's favourite food, the next day, it turn all thin and thin, then my father grab it and eat. AHHHHHHHHHH D:


I just got back from my father's hometown. It's been like, 9362867 years since I didn't go there. LOL HAHA. With reluctance my boss gave me two days of holidays to go there :PP Before I continue, a big, extended Merry Christmas to everyone from priscieunperfect. :D May your days filled with joy, and BTW Jesus was born today!

And here we are. :D
After a 4 hours journey with pit stop, we finally arrived. This is actually my uncle's new house build beside my late grandma's house. Look like Damai's chalet lol

This is my late grandma's house. It looks old but it's still stay-able. My grandpa build it many decades ago, :') and it's still alive. Filled with memories of my childhood. *sobs*

This is the fish pond behind the houses. Can't believe it's still there, and there are still fishes inside! And I learnt, that when a fish gets hungry, they'll eat their own babies -.-'' some fish only la :0 I remember, when I was little, me and my cousins will digged up some worms to fish some fishes for the big people to BBQ it. xD

And here's the rambutan trees right beside the ponds. I fell in those ponds once, while picking rambutan in my younger days. HAHA.



The house :o

Soon after we arrived, my cousin was about to go to "Pasar Simunjan" I was like, "I didn't know Simunjan has Pasar LOL" so, me, fifi, Eunice, Big brother tagged along. :D It was big Triton car, and yet, Fifi still has to sit on my leg the whole 40 minute journey. And my uncle tell lie ;( He say the town "just there" only, My assumption of "just there" concludes to a 5-10 minutes journey ;(

Hahaha. If you can see properly, the pink shirt is my Giant Lil sister XD and beside me is my cousin c:


Me and my future sister in law, Eunice :D

Me and Fifi :D

K. After that we went home. :D then my dad forced my cousin to drive us to go "mandi sungai" xD No pictures though cause I scare my camera fall down river :X before that, water splashed on my camera, and the camera went all #$^%$# but then after that okay la. I straight phobia liao . :P LOL I've seen people DSLR went into a river once. T.T not pretty T.T

K. At night, since got two house besides each other, so I went to both to have my dinner. :P I felt damn full after that. Lamb, Pork, Beef, Chicken, Fish tempoyak, Mix Vege AHHHH 

OHya, it was my auntie, uncle 30th anniversary too :D

Then everybody gather around and listen to those old people talking. xD Quite funny LOL. they talk crap more than us young kids. *flip hair* HAHA. Then my dad was like, "oh her boyfie is chinese" LOL. -.- I shy , I runaway straight. LOLOLOL. He was drunk, I think? nevermind :')))))))))))))))))))))))
I went to sleep on the sofa after that, around 11pm+ my dad woke me up, and I carry myself to my uncle's house. And lay dead in my cousin room. HAHA. around 11.57pm I woke up, only to realize it's 11.57pm and we didn't do any Christmas countdown. But then around 12am, I watch fireworks display   alone :')) in my phone, #foreveralone LOL

Blackie the dog :D
My cousin actually slept with her -.-

Kolok mee :D
Yesterday, at pit stop, we went to eat kolok mee. The lady forgot to give my dad back his change. End up fighting. I think she got fired? hmm sad. :| But it wasn't our fault tho. HMMM. Today we stop at Serian, don't dare to go to the shop :X LOL

Moral-of-the-story; Always remember things that are really important x)


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