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  Church Wedding
Posted at 12/05/2011 11:48:00 AM
3 December 2011

Honestly, this is the first church wedding I've been to. Not that I never got invited to one, it's just that, I was too young that my parents only allow me to go to the reception dinner. ONLY. and nobody in my family is on the verge of getting married in those years. *hopefully there will be one or two next year* . So anyways, last Saturday I went to my nephew's wedding. I never met him before. Shrugs. Well not that I'm ignorant of my own family. It's just that, I only get to meet families under my own grandfather. :O So yea, I am an auntie to 20++ dude. x__x

Frankly, I got influence to go to a church wedding from watching Breaking Dawn. And since I've watched Breaking Dawn, I changed all my wallpapers to Edward's and Bella's LOL. Er, I thought church wedding is like meh meh especially in Malaysia. But I was wrong, it was exactly like the ones I saw on TV. #sadcase, ``Till Death Do us Part .


Photos above were photos of two of my nieces. And the one in pink loves camera. She would pose automatically whenever I flash my camera around. *CUTE* I can tell her future would be a blessing one ;) ;)

I'm hungry. I'm hungry. I'm FREAKIN hungry right now. I have been hungry since last night T.T
The food that day was delicious :X NO DOUBT. wanted to take more, but I was worried there wouldn't be enough food to go around. HAHA. The thing wrap in banana leafs, are actually plain sticky rice. Nope, it's not pulut , it's just rice. plain sticky rice. .____. #disappointment
Oh well, nevertheless, the food was delicious :D

Finally. A decent photo of me cam-whoring. :D I have been really absent from cam-whoring, and I feel, err, I'm not Priscilla anymore :X It's my first time, according to my uncle, I wore a dress to a family occasion. And he was going on and on how I finally look like a girl, because all this while I look so MANLY in shorts C: HAHAHA

There's a saying that if you manage to catch a bouquet thrown by the brides, you'll meet your true love and be happy, really happy in the future. HAHA. :P

Moral-of-the-story; No matter what happens, think positive. 


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