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  Don't come back
Posted at 12/24/2011 10:06:00 AM

Months ago, it was February. On a dreadful awful night, my freedom was no longer there, everything seems all dark and gloomy. And here we are, at December. I finished my SPM, just past my law exam, soon to have a car. And boii, I didn't realize February and December live just next door. hahaha. no? don't geddit? er nevermind :|

Anyways, my point is, few months back, around February, I made a promise to my blog, that I will come back to talk about HIM. oh not Xiong. But Chung. :) Seriously, I thought we would last, but we didn't. Counting all the days we've been together, it only comes to 20 days :0 THAT BOY IS DANGEROUS LOL. But then, there's this one thing about him, that just doesn't fit the package. He can be quite the gentleman LOL maybe he knows how to treat a lady and stuff. 

But then , it was never meant to last. 

My current boyfie, is much more nicer. :3 we'll fight.. like super a lot. But that doesn't mean it's the end of the world. And sometimes we can be an ass to fight about stupid things. But that's us. Nothing can change that fact. We're just two little young ones loving each other. :]  

So blog, I didn't make it with Chung. I thought I could. But there's this thing I can't stand about him. HEEE. err. and now blog, as you can see, I'm in love with my lil boy ;)
And now we have 7 months, 2 weeks and 4 days behind us. And more to come. 

OH, going away for the weekends, Thanks boss for the holiday xD 


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