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Posted at 12/16/2011 09:42:00 AM

If you can't read, right-click, open image to tab, then press ctrl and + at the same time for a better viewing. :D EHEHE. My first ever rage comic. LOL. #truestory Have been addicted to them since Cheng introduce me an app on Market@Android called Rage Reader. LOL. But now, I don't really read them much cause I've no time. :X

Anyways, last Sunday(11 December) I went to Law Class. 5 hours of Law class before I can get my Law exam. And I did my Law Exam yesterday(15 December) morning. :D And the passing rate is 42 :/ I got... ERR. I got... DAMN. WHO PUT LAW EXAM SO HARD >:( 

p/s The law I'm talking about is for driving law. lol 

So anyways, WHO PUT LAW EXAM SO HARD lol. My big sister only got 1 wrong. -.- LIKE THAT LO. GRRR. and the guy who's under the same sifu as me got 23. Which means he failed his law exam. SAD. So yesterday morning, my palm were sweaty when I use the mouse to point the correct answer on the screen. I got all correct for my blind test. Which is a good thing if not, I won't be able to proceed lol. :O 

OH ER. I got 42 *kids jumping yay* for my law exam. Good thing I studied last minute tho. But I still think the questions were really tough. hahaha. Maybe I've not enough common sense. But yea, at least I passed. Saves RM30 for retest LOL. I really thought I was going to retest :X But thank God I checked. And so, my lucky number is 7. Yesterday, the counter lady put me in PC 7, and maybe that help abit. But God mostly helped me in, cause he knows how much my dad had to undergo thinning process for his wallet just for me. :P eheheh so yeaaaa

So, anyways I started working yesterday too! But bosses are great. :D But the only hard part is dealing with lomo cameras. ahhhh. :O Then last night after work, Xiong, me, fifi and my dad drink tea(direct translate from LIMTEH) ;D LOL. The awkward moment for Xiong. :3 NGEHEH

Moral-of-the-story; yes. last minute studies helped too.


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