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  Hitz Birthday Invasion
Posted at 12/10/2011 10:26:00 AM

Christmas decorations at BCCK. ;) 
Last night, was the Hitz Birthday Invasion and I ATTENDED. LOL . For those who didn't came really missed alot, especially the back part of the concert :D :D 

With Kuching DJs, Meng & Natasha. ;) 

The dancers that kick off the start ;D 

And then they decided to tear off their outfits and the crowd went wild :O 

Dancers from Soul Dance. 

Silas from Evanstarr. It's the first time I've heard him sing songs other than Christians songs. HAHA. Almost every Sunday, he'll be up worshipping during church ;)

Now this is popshuvit :P

FUNNY. Before he came up, JJ was asking for daring fans to come up and sing a popsuvit song. And I sorta jump up and down to grab his attention despite not knowing any popshuvit songs. LOL. He chose me :') Then I quickly hide :') :')  HAHAH and he was like, "ahh where's that girl? lost already? nevermind. her lost" LOL

Which reminds me, before that, there's this game called the Shower. :D The contestants, who's a girl, have to shower under a guy being the shower. and I actually ran to where JJ was, hoping he would chose me. but.. ._. he chose the girl next to me. K NEVERMIND.

JJ and Ean posing for a picture :P

Mizz Nina and her songs, manage to made me hyper wild. xD HAHA. Before that, I was really bored /.\

Then Jakeman and Skelator played their beats and remixes. And it really kicked the crowd off. ER I mean, the crowd started to go wild :O It was really like clubbing time. lol

I pro k B-)

K overall. Hitz Birthday Bash was too awesome too be miss. And I saw a lot of people there, it's like the whole Kuching was there. :P I even saw my ex-classmates who migrated to NZ. HEHE. and I saw a lot of my primary school friends. Aw.

Me and my butt, Delsie :3


I look really tired and err ugly ? HAHA. I practically used up all my energy last night at the party D: But I guess it was worth it :)) 

Moral-of-the-story; Live life and don't regret what brings you utter most enjoyment. (unless it kills you lol)

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