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  Petaling Street Warrior
Posted at 12/08/2011 11:59:00 PM

  "Petaling Street Warrior" is set in Petaling Street in 1908. It tells of a Hokkien mee seller (Mark Lee) who finds himself entangled in deadly battles with skilled fighters. Little did he know that he is in possession of a lost treasure map linked to the Qing Dynasty, and must refrain himself from consummating his marriage to master the "Virgin Kung Fu" skills to overcome his opponents.
Source here.

I'm not really into this kind of warrior movies, but lucky this movie has some comedy features otherwise I'll be sleeping instead. Like Seriously. Well, it wasn't boring though. The audience laughed at the funny scenes, cause it was funny. HAHA. especially those inside jokes and all those man-like ladies. ;)

I'll have to give this a rating of 4/10 . :O  I think maybe cause I'm more to those chick flicks movie. Those lovey dovey movie. AHAHA. I was never really that fond of comedies. Yes I would laugh when I see them. I have a sense of humour, but maybe because at the end of the day, watching comedies would just be something "I've watch" rather than "I live" . HAHA. not sure what am I trying to portray here, hmm ;)


Today's outfit. I wore two layer today, I don't know why, just wanna try HAHA. 

So, it's been long since I've watched a movie with my friends. And finally , today's the day LOL. SPM has become a bygone now, and I don't really know what to do with my life now. Except wait for the day I go to work. HEH. 

So arrived Spring, me, Xiong, Delson, Cheng, Er Sheng, Melvina, her sister, and Fifi :3 went to have breakfast at the Food Court :)

I ate Kimchi Ramyeun. :3
AHHH How I miss eating it C: especially the kimchi , 
And the bowl is big, so I had big portions of noodles. and I ate it for half an hour. Partly cause I was too busy talking -_- WHAT. few days no meet many gossips LOL

Just now I met my tuition friend. She told me another tuition friend of mine fainted. Got sent to the hospital. Skipped SPM. and she even had memory loss till she forget who her friends are. I was so scare. And surprise. She seems healthy. Or maybe? But I really miss her :( LIFE.

So after finish watching the movie, we had lunch at Sugarbun LOL

My kids meal. Well , Cheng was suppose to share this with me mainly cause she bought it. I wanted to pay her back but she insisted on paying -_- I feel so guilty cause it's not the first time :X HAIZ.


Oh hey, I got my free passes to the Hitz Kuching Birthday Invasion tomorrow from Sarawak Bloggers YAY ;)

Delson and my lil sister, Fifi :3
After the late lunch, we went to have dounts at Apple Donuts. Well mostly Fifi la, cause we all bankrupt already x) KIDS THESE DAYS JUST HAVE TO MUCH MONEY IN THEIR POCKETS. and she bought me a donut. which I didn't really eat LOL. :P

Whenever I go to Apple Donut, I'll always but the cheese cream donut(left side) . I don't know why I feel like it's the best among the other donuts. haha :3

So just now, Cheng told me something. Then I feel like, :( . you know. I feel guilty and stuff. Before going home, me and Xiong, we talked about me. About how I act. I didn't want my relationship to end up with him saying I'm unfair. I've been there , I've done that. I didn't lie to him either. All the truth spat out like LIKE. I told him I met my ex earlier. Talked for awhile. He seem taken back. Of course, who wouldn't get hurt right? But I've assured him , I'll always love him. 

We have our problems, we fight a lot, may have some misunderstandings, but we both know deep down, there's always a WE and US and the future. 


And last picture of my buddy Delson :3 It's been awhile since I've met him, and even though we met today, I didn't have a good talk with him. T.T I miss jogging with him :( 
OH BTW, I used taxi to go back home just now. End up my mum had to pay RM27. And she said the taxi driver look at my innocent-don't-know-anything-face so he lied to me T_T GOT LIKE THAT ONE MEH SO CRUEL T.T cause Spring and my house is quite near, it's consider as a walking distance.. maybe around 1 hour 30 minutes can arrive LOLOLOLOL. consider near :P I guess? hahahaa #nevertrustanybodyespeciallytaxidrivers

Moral-of-the-story; Appreciate people around you. They're not toys to be played around with.


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